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I apologise to Turkish Airlines

In the past, I\’ve been slated for slating Turkish Airlines as a rhetorical \’shit airline\’.

Since then, I\’ve flown on them and they were actually not at all bad. Not as good as CSA, Jet or WizzAir, but definitely in the absolute top tier of \’airlines that aren\’t based in the UK or places we used to own\’. [*]

But even better, they\’ve removed an ignorant prick from their flight for whining about how \’oh noes, the plane is full of Arabs\’. Hmm… not sure whether the stupidest thing there is the general bigotry, the logical failure given his beliefs (if the plane is full of Arabs, it\’s fairly safe – four or five would be the worry figure…), or the fact that AAAAARGH TURKS AREN\’T FUCKING ARABS YOU IDIOT!!!. Probably c.

[*] Singapore, Cathay, Virgin, BA, Qantas… anyone else who\’s actually good that I\’ve forgotten? Note: if you say KLM or Lufthansa, you\’ve clearly not flown KLM or Lufthansa.

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