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The Sicki vs Pierre

Best appalling-taste-disaster-2-for-1 joke so far is this effort:

My money\’s on the special branch being the culprits behind the bringing down of this Air France flight… Let\’s face it, it wouldn\’t be the first time they\’ve shot something that sounds French and comes from Brazil by mistake.

I\’m trying to work out an appropriate adaptation of the Pierre the French fighter pilot joke, but haven\’t yet got anywhere with it.

Although, idle gossip-ish-ly, someone who Knows About This Sort Of Thing (note: source non-authoritative) told me that Air France captains are notorious for taking a Pierre-like attitude towards thunderstorms, such as: \’too stormy to land? Fuck off, you Canadian pansies\’, \’a tropical storm? I laugh in the face of tropical storms\’, and \’no weather radar? Well I\’m not waiting another day to get out of fucking South Africa\’

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