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Gimpy nonsense waste of time

OK, so I\’m now on Twitter at www.twitter.com/pigdogfucker. Feel free to follow me, tweet me, invite me to your twibe, and whatever other shite one does on Twitter.

Anyone know why the Twitter Tools link on the right mightn\’t be working? I suspect it\’s because my host is utterly fucking gay when it comes to using whatever you use (\’fsock\’ or something?) to communicate with external applications – like, I had to specifically email the cunts to get Akismet working, and they still haven\’t enabled WordPress stats. But if you\’ve got another explanation that doesn\’t involve me having to explain WordPress tools to some slack-jawed Yank halfwit, then I\’d be delighted to hear it.

(I\’m also still awaiting invites to invite-only P2P services…)

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