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Fellatio, cunnilingus and sodomy

American Rightbloggers are appalled that Obama has decided to award the Medal of Freedom to gay rights pioneer Harvey Milk (watch the movie, it\’s good, it\’s on torrents). The Price Of Freedom Is Eternal Vigilance says:

Only could this moron-in-chief consider giving the Medal of Freedom… for fellatio, cunnilingus, and sodomy

As a strong proponent of fellatio, cunnilingus and sodomy, I\’m very glad that the President has decided that proficiency at them (rather than, say, fighting for marginalised community\’s civil rights – no, it\’s definitely the kinky sex that\’s motivated this decision) is worthy of a medal. And there\’s an ex-girlfriend I\’d definitely put forward on all three criteria.

…but I think awarding the medal to Milk may have been a terrible mistake. As far as I\’m aware, his interest in cunnilingus was limited at best – and it\’s a heavily practice-and-enthusiasm-based activity. Take the medal away from Milk and award it to [DELETED ON LEGAL ADVICE].

More sarcasm on rightblogger medal reactions here.

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