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Chill on the gas, and the utilities

OK, so:
1) the Russian gas freeze doesn\’t matter overmuch. It does amusing things to gas prices, but ultimately a whole bunch of other people still make gas so it doesn\’t really matter.

2) if utilities passed wholesale prices onto consumers, as an enormous coterie of cod-socialist morons were suggesting would have been a good idea when wholesale oil and gas prices briefly plummeted in the autumn, then – instead of really trivial and non-relevant rises averaged over a couple of years – we\’d have actually seen some terrifying \”giz a tenner or you\’ll freeze\”-ness re-enacted.

Conclusion: paranoid freaks get upset about irrelevant nonsense (i.e. it costs fuck all as a % of our income) like energy and food; neither really matters; world continues, aside from the extent to which idiot politicians have bent to accommodate said paranoid freaks.

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