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You\’ve got a c*** between your legs

Telegraph blogger George Pitcher radically misses the point in his criticism of the Eye\’s current cover:

The new issue of Private Eye has Lord Sugar of Loaf on the cover in his classic finger-pointing \”You\’re fired!\” pose from The Apprentice, under the banner headline \”Brown in Crisis – Sugar Spells It Out\”. Sadly, though, the Eye doesn\’t spell it out and the bubble from Suralan\’s mouth reads \”You\’re F***ed!\”

This is a family blog, so I won\’t spell it out here. But since the Eye\’s joke rather hinges on it being the F-word and, for goodness sake, this is the risk-taking Private Eye we\’re talking about, shouldn\’t it have just dropped the asterisks and made a virtue of the gag? It certainly would have made it funnier, by its very bawdiness. The whole thing would have worked with Sugar\’s solemn face.

Err, George, you\’re a vicar, you must at least have heard of \’ambiguity\’, right…?

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