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Science-based fact

Apart from The Wire, Peep Show is the best thing to have been on television in the last 20 years.

However, I\’ve just discovered something even better than watching an entire series (5, since you ask) of Peep Show on DVD.

It\’s watching an entire series of Peep Show on DVD with your slightly uptight best-mate-flatmate-house-owning-type gentleman.

And his girlfriend.

Who you\’ve slept with.

And who you\’re being kicked out of the house for her to move in.

Whilst not having paid the rent.

If you do this whilst drinking from a bottle of revolting Icelandic booze and exclaiming loudly that it\’s undrinkable filth and the best thing you\’ve ever drunk, this also helps with the atmosphere.

(if, earlier in the evening, you\’ve snogged best-mate-type-gentleman after being dared to do so by his girlfriend and your planned future flatmate, who\’ve put on a mild lessie show for you first, this adds to the levels of entertainment.)