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India: country of education

Yes, \’pervy search terms\’ posts are boring – but just got a query from India on \”8th standard schoolboys fucking\”. I think that\’s their equivalent of Year 9 in the UK, or Eighth Grade for Americans. And, according to the very limited resources I\’ve read, it\’s based on passing end-of-year exams rather than just ageing.

So I\’m impressed that gay Indian paedos are so interested in the maturity and emotional development of the young men they covet. The gentleman [*] in question could just have searched for 13 or 14-year-old boys, but he didn\’t want to see anyone who hadn\’t reached a certain basic educational standard first. That surely deserves some credit, or at least early parole…?

[*] or lady; apologies to any female paedophiles who feel left out.

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