Jesus is a cunt

\”A teenager who wore a T-shirt showing a nun in a pornographic pose must do 80 hours of community service. Adam Shepherd, 19, was convicted by Weymouth magistrates under a new law banning the display of religiously insulting material.\” – a Telegraph news-in-brief item, apparently not online. Meanwhile, a Metro news-in-brief item, also not online, suggests Mr Shepherd\’s T-shirt bore the slogan \”Jesus is a cunt\”.

What fucking law banning the display of religiously insulting material? What the fuck was this man convicted for, and why hasn\’t it provoked a national outcry? If the facts are as reported in the Telegaph piece, anyone who believes that Mr Shepherd deserved to be punished by law is evil and ought to be killed. I suspect they may not be, however, since the Telegraph has become a joke newspaper (well, also since I live in hope that our legal system isn\’t really wasting its time on kids wearing nun-porn t-shirts…)

Quick Google-fuelled update: this has happened before, and apparently \”religiously aggravated offensive conduct\” is a real crime. Anyone who thinks that\’s a good idea is certainly a cunt. Even if Jesus isn\’t.

Vintage Grauniad

Look at sentence #1 of the quoted text in paragraph #9. A joke, right?

Religion is shit, but don\’t patronise it

Why do all those high-income liberals vote against their economic interest in favour of socialist parties, many of whom aren\’t particularly socially liberal? It\’s obviously because socialists have tricked them into believing that left-wing parties share high-income liberals\’ spiritual and social values…

Sweary web haven

Roger\’s Profanisaurus is one of the best things known to humanity. Sadly, Viz\’s online presence is a steaming pile of shit. Happily, the Profaniwiki exists. It\’s an open-source, Wikipedia-esque dictionary of swearing.

At the moment, the entries vary substantially in quality. Viz works because the writers are intelligent and articulate and sweary; far too many Profaniwiki entries are inarticulate and illiterate nonsense. But it\’s a wiki, so you can change that – and I strongly recommend that you do.

Fucking ungrateful cocksuckers

Why does the world hate America? Buggered if I know.

Desktop spycam

Google Earth is an excellent thing. Not just generally, but also because of its amateur espionage properties. Only a generation ago, military facilities were considered so secret and important that they were kept off maps; now anyone in the world can view hi-res photographs from their PC. This is progress (and like most progress, it\’s happened despite the efforts of politicians and pompous fools to stop it).

Miners with smashed heads

\”Do you really think that all those people that voted Tory for 18years did so because they wanted to see more dead babies in the street,or miners with smashed heads. \” – a loon, here.

Well, perhaps. The other plausible explanation is utter ignorance and stupidity; as a charitable kind of guy, I\’m willing to assume the latter absent of any evidence to the contrary.

Sir Ian Blair is the worst man alive

No argument, just a self-evident truth. Feel free to leave constructive suggestions on what should be done with Sir Ian Blair in the comments.

I know I shouldn\’t do this, but sometimes there\’s no option

Compare and contrast these two links to cartoons from one of the pro-war right\’s leading weblogs: one to a cartoon that depicts Ariel Sharon as a duplicitious torturer, and one to a cartoon that depicts the British Army assassinating beloved cartoon characters in order to appease Muslims.

Now, the Sharon cartoon is a bit dodgy: while Arik is indubitably a duplicitous torturer, the cartoon probably takes the Jewish stereotypical features too far. But fucking hell, the Piglet cartoon is sheer mentalism: we\’re locking Muslims up, not appeasing them (and the original source story was fictional in the first place – the Sun took a true story about some Muslims being upset about being sent porcine stress-toys, and turned it into a racist lie about how Muslims were seeking to ban everyone from everything pigular.)

Guess which cartoon the site condemns and which it praises? Well, don\’t bother actually – you know the answer…