A serious one

Software patents are bad. If you don\’t understand why, visit the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure. If you do, then vote for The Campaign for Creativity as Europe\’s worst lobbyist (they\’re a Microsoft front posing as an NGO and lobbying in favour of restrictive IP controls) and vote for FFII founder Florian Muller for silicon.com Man of the Year. Incidentally, if you vaguely give a monkey\’s about IT, you could do worse than reading Silicon.com – it\’s not a bad site, albeit not quite up there with El Reg.

Ignore da police

If Pigdogfucker were to call for the reintroduction of the death penalty, but only for people who murder the proprietors of offensive websites, that would be a pretty lame piece of hypocrisy.

It\’s not surprising, given that Lord Stevens is a terrible man who holds wrong-headed opinions about every subject on which it is possible to do so, that he\’s been expounding precisely this hypocritical suggestion about people who top his fellow coppers.

Relatedly, can everyone shut the fuck up about Sharon Beshenivsky now? Her death is sad for her family, but matters not in the slightest on a wider scale. The only reason the police get get paid more than people in other equally low-skilled jobs is because of the additional risk involved, and people factor this in when they accept the role – just as rally drivers know they might die of crashing into things.

Indeed, killing a copper should really be viewed as less serious than killing someone who didn\’t volunteer to be a target…

Tony Parsons: cunt of the century

Some top quotes this week from the best argument ever against allowing working class people a platform to talk about anything of any kind ever (apart from his ex).

\”We believe that the police should be given whatever they ask for\” and \”we will do [China\’s] proud, decent, hard-working people no favours at all by […] constantly abusing their president\”.

Christing hell. What is the man on?

We\’re a real country! No, really!

According to a member of the Scottish Parliament, \”this is supposed to be a serious legislative chamber\”. Supposed by whom, for God\’s sake?

More judicial greatness

\”This sends out a message that we will go after every penny people make from crimes like this,\” says a stupid copper on confiscating all the assets of a businesswoman who hasn\’t done anything that could sanely be categorised as morally bad.

Oh well. In America they\’d probably have hanged her…

Joined-up thinking

OK, so advertising regulators have got different objectives from the Department of Health. Nonetheless, if you\’re talking about antismoking campaigns that might actually work, then telling 12-15 year olds that smoking will make you impotent is a fucking good idea, and not one to be roundly stomped on and condemned…