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First with the stories that matter: \”Which Lib Dem wannabe leader used to be a regular visitor to a brothel in Paddington where he used to pay girls to shit in their knickers for him, and would then put the dirty pants in his briefcase and take them home?\”

Worse than even a French bank

Jay Lee is a vile, despicable racist bigot. The world would be a better place if he, like all his kind, were dead. The thought that when I board a train it might be driven by Mr Lee fills me with disgust. And the fact that the utterly insaniac libel laws put a trade union at risk of losing hundreds of thousands of pounds for pointing out the obvious is even worse.

Similarly, anyone defending Jay Lee\’s fuhrer, the delectable Nick Griffin on \”free speech\” grounds is a moron. Mr Griffin isn\’t on trial for saying he doesn\’t like the blacks or the Asians. If he had merely said that he didn\’t like the blacks and the Asians and that they ought to be sent home, he would have committed no crime and faced no charges.

No, he\’s on trial for telling a gang of wound-up Jay-Lee-a-likes that Muslims are compelled by their religion to drug and rape white children. That isn\’t free speech – it\’s a blood libel. It\’s inciting these embittered halfwits to go out and murder brown people. And that\’s fire-in-a-theatre speech, not free speech.

Obvious prostitution point

Diane Taylor is Sensible. Julie Bindel is Not.

I retract everything good I\’ve ever said about the Scots

The Scottish parliament believes in things like public transport, socialism, and letting Lib Dems run things. These are probably the three main ways aside the obvious civil liberties stuff in which I differ from the current Lot In Charge.

Unfortunately, it appears that the Scots have cleverly made it illegal for primary school teachers to talk about contraception, while making it compulsory for them to talk about sex.

Sex education is a good thing of which I approve. In my (English, state) primary school, our teacher suffixed the sex-ed lesson with:

\”so basically, you might have sex before you get married – but just don\’t have sex with any idiot who asks you, and always use a condom.\”

The fact that Scottish teachers aren\’t allowed to say that is, well, far worse than any bolloxing nonsense about people who once looked at dodgy pictures being allowed to teach.

States rights my hairy arse

One of the things that right-wingers generally say about conservative judges in the US is that they respect the Constitution – and in particular the autonomy of the states – more than their liberal(ish) counterparts.

Look at the list of dissenters in the (sensible overall) Supreme Court decision on euthanasia, and you\’ll realise that this is clearly bollocks.

We heart Zoe Williams

In the words of someone despicable, read the whole thing:

\”Without the courage to blame a rich/poor divide, or the brass neck to be openly racist, we fall back on ludicrous answers. Blame hip-hop. Blame 50 Cent. Blame a lack of respect. Easier still, blame the guns, blame the knives. And sooner or later, coppers are moseying about with this incomprehensible brief to \’raise knife awareness\’. It ought, in fairness, to be possible to sue the police for wasting their own time.\”


This sounds like an interesting challenge. Not necessarily a possible challenge, but an interesting challenge nonetheless.

Watch and learn

If our public information films were as hardcore as the ones the Australians make, then there\’s a reasonable chance that fewer idiots would die or kill on level crossings. I\’m not easily disturbed, but these are easily disturbing.