The Lib Dems? A scandal?

OK, another one from Popbitch:

Which in-the-news Lib Dem has had to call on the police to remove \”difficult\” young men from his house on more than one occasion?

Prezza will do anything for the taste of pie

Would-be football stadium developers, you know what to do.

Prostitution is legal in the UK

Soliciting and kerb-crawling are illegal in the UK. But being a prostitute is not, and visiting a prostitute is not. Visiting a prostitute is legal even if they\’re working in an illegal establishment (and it would seem Mark Oaten\’s acquaintance was legal here anyway). And opposing street prostitution while visiting a non-street prostitute is perfectly logically and morally consistent.

Sure, feel free to slate Mark Oaten. But if you do, be aware that you\’re condemning him either because you don\’t think people who (legally) visit prostitutes should be allowed positions of power, or because you don\’t think people who (legally) commit adultery should be allowed positions of power. These are the only two arguments you can use; the one about hypocrisy is bollocks.

As for people, so for penguins

Dead baby penguins; dead baby people. Either way, it\’s not a problem: you can just make a new one.

One of those days

Robbie Browse isn\’t very clever. And the joke wasn\’t even funny…

Over to the Paedo Finder

I\’ve been trying to work out what the daft cunts getting upset about the \”ooh, there are a few nonces in schools\” non-scandal most remind me of. \”A herd of retarded sheep, trained by Pavlov to react to certain buzzwords by forming a lynch mob\” is one. \”The Crucible\” is another.

But the closest is the mildly surreal nightmare world of Monkey Dust and the Paedo Finder:

Gin, quinine and a hot bath

Today is, according to some dubious hack academic, the most miserable day of the year. This feels right: it\’s bleak, it\’s dull, it\’s miserably cold, there\’s no prospect of anything interesting happening for months, you feel rubbish, the Tube breaks down, and there are another four working days to go.

However, I\’ve discovered an amazing miracle cure. When you get home of an evening, simply run a hot bath, then drink a stiff gin and tonic in it. Suddenly, the day\’s miseries melt away. The world seems surprisingly agreeable. Going through tomorrow seems like a better alternative than suicide (although spontaneous suicide is never really an option: it would be a shame to go for suicide without taking a few terrible bastards with you, and that kind of thing doesn\’t just plan itself…).

So, gin, quinine and a hot bath. As recommended by Pigdogfucker. It\’s not just for unexpectedly pregnant women any more.

It\’s a mad mad mad mad mad world

Dear Jim,

Please can you fix it for me for all right-wing commentators to be as obviously deranged and misinformed as DumbJon? Or, ideally, his commenter \”Allan@Aberdeen\”?


Fucking Starbucks

Their coffee tastes like warm milk and costs £2: bunch of larcenous bastards. Why the hell can\’t you get WiFi in a place which serves something you might actually want to drink?