We believe in democracy, honest

It\’s not exactly surprising that the Yanks have refused to accept Palestine\’s democratically elected government – the US has always been keener on compliant dictators than opposition democracies (just ask Salvador Allende). However, it\’s distressing to see Canada lining up with the Yanks on this. Let this be a warning to anyone else who feels like electing a right-wing government…


I\’m deeply offended by the statue of Britney giving birth. Not so much because of the total fucking evilness of taking one woman\’s experience and turning it into a bizarre anti-choice message, but because it looks absolutely nothing like Britney.

I\’m all for non-representative art, and I can tolerate skilled craftsmen who believe stupid things. The combo, however, is unbearable. Oh, and speaking of unbearable, appalling (and fucking smug, not that we were) perspectives on abortion, Christina Odone can kiss my hirsute posterior.

Yes, we still love Ken

Only a total cunt could possibly avoid taking Ken\’s side in his latest controversy… C\’mon, it\’d be hard to get too upset if Ken (or anyone else) had nailbombed a Bush-loving tax-dodging used-car-salesman, never mind just calling him a \”chiselling little crook\”…

Tax the dead til they squeak

Andrew Bartlett has an excellent post on inheritance tax, and the fact that there is no sane argument in favour of its abolition (beyond the general libertarian argument that taxes should be lower – in which case there is still no sane argument that favours the abolition of inheritance tax in preference to income tax cuts that achieve the same total reduction in the tax burden).

It\’s amusing to watch a bunch of clearly-not-sane people try and refute this proposition in his comments. You may not be surprised to learn that they fail…

Hang these sick butchers

Animal cruelty prosecutions annoy me. When some drunken chav microwaves a hedgehog or kicks a squirrel to death, it\’s hardly an activity worth wasting taxpayers\’ money on prosecuting – and indeed, it\’s a completely hypocritical nonsense until the day we all become vegans.

However, the latest such prosecution is truly scraping the barrel: a man has been prosecuted for blowing up a dog with a firework. Even though the dog was dead before he found it. For fuck\’s sake: even those non-vegetarians who are too squeamish and pathetic to kill animals themselves are happy to desecrate animal corpses in the kitchen. Are chefs and butchers now going to face prosecution?

If it means we can jail Jamie Oliver, I\’m up for it.

Made for each other

The fervent defence of an Afghan\’s religious freedom sounds somehow less convincing when made by someone who despises almost all Afghans and believes they\’re savage \’Koranimals\’.

Yes, killing people for their religion is clearly backward. Despising people for their religion, and advocating a genocidal nuclear war against them on the basis of their religion is, err, the same. You tit.

If you criticise a Jew, you\’re a Nazi

Yup, it\’s more Ken-related lunacy from the self-proclaimed Jewish Conspiracy Community.

Ken suggested that a pair of Iraqi property developers who\’re making trouble over London Olympic construction projects might want to \”go back and see if they can do better under the ayatollahs\”. Perhaps not a great way of getting them on-side, and at a pinch offensive against immigrants in general.

 However, these particular Iraqis happen to be Jewish – so according to assembly member Brian Coleman, \”This is the latest anti-Semitic remark by Livingstone, he clearly has a major problem with the Jewish business community\”. No, you clearly have a major problem with reality, you dick.

Brown-san, I\’ll slit you from ear to ear

Fabulous headline, tedious story. And yes, I know the Triad are Chinese not Japanese. Fuck off or I\’ll set the Yakuza on you.