Civil disobedience

The IRA? Top bunch of lads. Osama Bin Laden? Great bloke. Tony Blair? A cunt.

\”I\’m not a racist but…\” of the day

A BNP loony: \”When I say right-wing I don\’t mean \’racist\’, I mean tough immigration controls.\” I\’m not a racist, I just don\’t want those smelly foreign bastards in my country.

The vaguely positive news is that (at least according to a self-selected group of very mad right-wingers), core Tory supporters are deserting to the BNP.

Should this prove to be the case, all we\’ll need to do is hang all BNP voters and the country\’s problems will be solved.

It\’s a nice day for white whinging

The boy currently being prosecuted for racist playground remarks in Manchester is not being selectively victimised because he is white, and anyone who says otherwise is an idiot.

Yes, the boy who he called \”Paki\”, \”Bin Laden\” and indeed \”He\’s on the run, pull the trigger and shoot the nigger\” called him \”white trash\”. But the mixed-race boy\’s parents accepted a police caution when both boys were caught, while the white boy\’s parents decided it would be more appropriate to take him to court and defend his right to be a bigot.

I don\’t think that using the police is a terribly sensible way to go in cases like this – suspension from school would be more appropriate. But (see also Muslim and black hate speech advocates, who represent the majority of racial hatred prosecutions), anyone who says that white racism in the UK is treated in a more draconian fashion than minority racism is a honky lynch-monger and can safely be told to fuck off.

Wafa Sultan is an ignorant moron

Right-wing pro-Zionists tend to apply the epiphet \”self-hating Jew\” to anyone of Jewish extraction who doesn\’t believe Israel has the right to do whatever the fuck it wants to whoever the fuck it wants.

Purely because of this unpleasant heritage, I\’m not going to refer to Arab-American writer Wafa Sultan as a \”self-hating Arab\”, despite the fact that in her case it would be true. The rant is amazing – like LGF, but by someone from an Arab background. In many ways, she\’s a credit to America\’s indoctrination system. Although her knowledge of the history of inter-community violence is a little limited:

We have not seen a single Jew destroy a church. We have not seen a single Jew protest by killing people. The Muslims have turned three Buddha statues into rubble. We have not seen a single Buddhist burn down a Mosque, kill a Muslim, or burn down an embassy

Some Jews destroy a church. A Jew protests by killing people. Some Buddhists burn down a mosque. Some Buddhists kill some Muslims. OK, I\’ll grant her the embassy one.

The way of the transgressor… is fuckin\’ \’ard, like.

According to the BBC:

It is believed two brothers have become the first people in Wales to be banned by Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (Asbos) from wearing hoodies.

Just for the benefit of anyone who might see them out dressed inappropriately, an artist\’s impression of the two brothers is attached below:

Shorter Taxpayers\’ Alliance

It\’s rare for anti-tax \”we hate socialists\” types to be as honest as Wolseley 6-90:

This bastard Brown has the fucking cheek to put our taxes up and then give the money away to black shit countries.

New meme

I\’m going to start doing this. I suggest you do too. 

If I started using the term \”anti-Semitic\” as a general term of undifferentiated disapprobation like \”lame\” or \”gay\” (as in \”god, those trainers are pretty anti-Semitic\”, \”The first few series of Friends were quite sharp and funny, but it got really lazy and anti-Semitic toward the end\”, \”I don\’t know; there\’s nothing specific about Shoreditch that I don\’t like – it\’s just a bit anti-Semitic\”), how long do you think it would take to catch on? And what sort of reaction would I get in the meantime?

Loony update

Today at the Biased BBC comments – the BBC is slated for referring to the Palestinean president as \”Mr Abbas\” while referring to Israel\’s vegetative ex-leader as \”Sharon\”. Lots of concurring, while nobody points out that \”Mr Abbas\” is mentioned in the article while \”Sharon\” is mentioned in a direct quote. Learn to read and get yourself a style guide, you ignorant fuckwits.

What else? Someone who\’s angry that the phrase \”Muslim terrorism\” isn\’t used when referring to an explosion in Algeria… because obviously without that qualification we\’d assume it was the Scottish Presbyterians. Although if you\’re applying the fashionable right-wing terminology that all terrorist attacks should be prefixed by the religion of their protagonists, Algeria has suffered significantly in the past from Catholic terrorism. Continue reading

It\’s time for some daft-cunt-mockery

For a story that will doubtless warm your heart on a cold April Saturday, we\’re off to Bradford. For some perplexing reason, a gentleman named Sharif Abdel Gawad is seeking to stand as a BNP councillor. This has upset some of the local knuckle-dragging bigots, who believe that Mr Gawad isn\’t, well, very, err, English.

However, senior BNP-ite Phil Edwards has risen to Mr Gawad\’s defence. According to Mr Edwards, only \”people on the lunatic fringe\” would object to Mr Gawad standing as a BNP candidate (the fact that this includes 100% of the BNP\’s membership is by no means the point). Why? Well, you see, Mr Gawad is \”a member of the white European race of people\”.

Garr. Make your fucking minds up, you daft bigots: do you hate blacks, Muslims, Islam, foreigners, foreign cultural influences, or what? (yes, I know the correct answer is \’all of the above\’, but you could at least try and be consistent in the lies that you tell when pretending to be a civilised and moderate party that non-pond-life might vote for…)