Fighting ignorance with ignorance

I\’m not a fan of the burqa: it\’s a silly garment that dehumanises the women who wear it, and promotes a religious agenda of which I disapprove.

However, the Dutch plan to ban its wearing in public is an appallingly stupid, illilberal and evil one. A hallmark of a civilised society is that, subject to certain decency-based requirements, people can wear what the fuck they like. Banning women from expressing their beliefs through their dress is the kind of stupid shit that fundamentalist Islamists get up to, not the kind of thing we should be doing.
It\’s basically a parallel to the whole War On Terror thing – a marginal and irrelevant bunch of silly cunts don\’t like us much and make some half-arsed attempts at destroying our freedom, so the government takes decisive action to destroy all our freedom before they get the chance. The Dutch equivalent is \”you want to impose barbaric and restrictive dress codes on us – so we\’ll impose them on you!\”.

If any Islamist terrorists are reading this, I suggest you fly to Amsterdam (only about £30 on EasyJet these days), shoot interior minister Rita Verdonk with eight bullets, slit her throat, stab her in the torso, and leave a note pinned to her with a knife saying something like \”stop it you daft buggers, you\’re almost as bad as me\”.

Surprise of the century

The majority of \’drug rape\’ victims are actually just drunk, through self-administered grog, and have no bloody idea whether or not they consented in the first place.

\”Rape is never the victim\’s fault\”, a Home Office spokeswoman added, inaccurately.

100% unadulterated truth

It\’s absolutely imperative that you view this cartoon, and all the other cartoons at Married To The Sea. This one is another piece of awesomeness.

Asbolina & Friends continues the retro theme, but is more tasteless than you could reasonably hope for. Good.

Hampering investigation

The moral of the Farepak collapse is pretty straightforward: save your money in a fucking *bank*, don\’t give it to an unregulated private company.

Why the fuck would you decide to save with some rip-off catalogue that might steal your money, instead of using a savings account where you\’re guaranteed both decent interest and deposit protection, getting the money out at Christmas, and buying your presents with it?

All the kids whose Christmas has \”been ruined\” (in the context of the British working class, this means \”oh no, your present is only a DVD player not a PS3\”) by the Farepak collapse should have this explained to them in detail:

\”Your parents lost the money they were supposed to spend on your present because they\’re utter fucktards. If you pay attention at school and don\’t do equally gibberingly stupid stuff when you\’re grown-up, you\’ll be able to afford all the presents you want. Now shut up whining or we\’ll belt you, you greedy little bastard.\”

Rugby-related question

Can we nuke France now?

Lindsay Hoyle MP is a terrible cunt

Fireworks are fun. Anyone who, like Mr Hoyle, wishes to ban fireworks should have a great many of them strapped to their body, and then be ejected from civilised society into space.

Christ, what is with these nannying cunts? \”It\’s a noise! We can\’t have noise! It might cause a tiny bit of annoyance to highly-strung busybodies and their stupid pets!\”

Update: Reactionary Snob would like it known that Barry Sheerman MP is also a cunt for similar reasons. Although he wants to ban the bonfires and keep the fireworks…

Who gives a shit about the circus sideshow?

I assume the IOC must have some silly \”let\’s all be enlightened and lovely\” rule that any official reference to the Olympics has to say \”The Olympic and Paralympic Games\”. The alternative is that a substantial number of people actually care in the slightest about the latter, which is unlikely.

I also agree with Emerald Bile on this issue.

It\’s a windmill! Kill it!

Some gibbering maniacs, including MoonBat Ye\’Or and Robert Spencer, have got together to make a documentary about how Muslims are evil and are going to kill the lot of us in our beds. Sadly, neither Melanie Phillips nor the zombie corpses of Pim Fortujn and Oriana Fallaci have joined in – presumably this is just an oversight.

Anyway. The film is yer average load of rubbish (the usual wingnut thesis of \”it\’s inherent in Islam and in all Muslims to kill everyone who isn\’t one\”) and thus barely worth commenting on. But I was amused to note that it\’s produced by a company called Quixotic Media. Well, out of your own mouths…

Still utterly perplexed

I think I\’ve asked this kind of question before, but so far haven\’t heard any sensible responses. So, if any right-wing \”the country is going to the dogs, nobody cares about morals or does any work any more, and we\’ve let in millions of Muslims who want to kill us\” types fancy enlightening me, please let me know…

What does it matter if a hundred thousand or a million Poles come to the UK? They\’re hardworking, law-abiding, well-educated and largely have traditional moral values; they\’re also white and Christian, which doesn\’t bother me overmuch but seems to be the kind of thing you might approve of. Is it because they\’re Catholic? Is it because you just hate anyone who isn\’t English? Is it because you\’re no bloody good at what you do so you\’re worried they\’ll steal your job? Or is there something I\’ve missed…?