C\’est la resistance, meme si ce n\’est pas magnifique

An odd quote from Justin on Tim\’s blog re Iraq:

To describe beheaders and suicide bombers as \’resistance\’ is repugnant if you ask me.

The French Resistance in WWII, which is the most widely accepted definition of a \’legitimate\’ resistance movement, regularly engaged in suicide missions against – and killed plenty of – German soldiers. French people who worked with the Germans were widely described as – and killed for being – collaborators.

Uncontroversially, the people in Iraq who blow up civilians in market squares are scumbags. But the people who murder occupying soldiers and who murder Iraqis who side with the occupying army are doing what a resistance *does*, whether we\’d like to call them one or not.

Yes, I know the UK isn\’t Germany in WWII here: we came to Iraq because we believed we could make it better, not out of crazy Conquering The World-ness. But in the eyes of Iraqis, we\’re an occupying army and we\’re not wanted.

Given that, it\’s hard to see how we can avoid classing people who kill British troops as \’the resistance\’, and how we can avoid classing people who work with the British as \’collaborators\’. It would be good if we could tell grieving mothers \’your son died for a worthy cause\’ rather than \’your son died because the people of Iraq hated him for occupying their country\’ – but we can\’t.

The only solution, rather than pretending that we\’re not a reviled occupying army and that the people who kill our soldiers aren\’t doing the same as any resistance movement ever, is to get ourselves (and our collaborators, of course) the hell out of there as soon as humanly possible…

Finally: if Britain were occupied by a foreign army who refused to leave despite public opinion – even if the original invasion had been intended for our benefit but heinously failed – would you be willing to join the resistance and kill occupying soldiers? I\’d like to think I\’d be brave enough to do so.

Jihad update

Not content with enlisting disgruntled old men, disgruntled boys, and disgruntled young women, Al Qaeda has started employing digruntled spiders to bring down Western aircraft.

It\’s burning time

Occasional blog commentator [xxx] is the most appalling witch of all time. Should anyone burn her, and provide me with documentary evidence that they\’ve picked the correct appalling witch, I shall provide them with money and sexual favours.

Links to examples of [xxx]\’s fuckwittery and/or to her home address are welcome in the comments.

Update: in a misplaced outbreak of morality, I\’ve decided to turn this into a \’guess who I think the most appalling witch who writes blog comments is\’ contest. The winner gets money and sexual favours, or neither, depending on personal preference.

Random note

Fuck, I just noticed I haven\’t posted anything in a fortnight. This is a sign I\’ve been working too hard, and emphatically not a sign that I have too much of a life.

Yay, it\’s more Insane Draconian Fucktardery

Four years in jail for using a mobile at the wrong moment. Longer than, y\’know, an actual robber or violent thug who chose to harm people would have got.

There is no moral difference between the poor girl who\’s just had her life ruined, and every other driver who has driven without paying full attention to the road, which includes every single fucking driver.

I hate the way too many dickheads, and our justice system, are too fucking brain-dead to understand this.

And since you ask, if one of my loved ones were killed by a texting driver, I\’d be very sad and I\’d think that they were very unlucky – but I\’d speak at the trial of the poor sod who crashed into them begging the judge not to ruin someone else\’s life as well in a miserable, medieval quest for vengeance.

Mo\’toons redux

I seem to recall, about 18 months ago, the \”we\’re libertarian, err, except when it comes to Muslims, who should probably all be sent home or killed or something\” branch of blogland getting very excised about the reaction to some puerile cartoons of an old religious geezer.

\”We live in a dhimmi state\”, was the cry. \”People who publish these cartoons get censored and harrassed, while the fanatics who protest about them get away with it.\”

Now the judicial process has run its course, let\’s see the final statistics: number of people prosecuted for disseminating said cartoons: 0; number of people jailed for several years for protesting about them: 4.

Mysteriously, the dhimmibollocks brigade has been silent about this. It\’s almost as if it didn\’t fit their paranoid conspiracist agenda…

Old jokes revisited

A disturbing number of people have been endorsing Boris\’s hilarious decision to run for Mayor of London.

Fine, if you\’re endorsing him because you want buses to be abolished, subsidies for your 4×4 and don\’t give a fuck about the poor. Or if you\’re so right-wing that you think shaking hands with Hugo Chavez makes someone inherently eeeeeeeeevil.

But if the reason you\’re endorsing Boris is because you think Ken Livingstone is antisemitic, then you\’re a fucking eejit and should be gassed [*]. He isn\’t. There is no evidence that he is: only the ravings of paranoid nutjobs.

[*] with apologies to certain ex-bloggers

Political correctness gone, err, sensible

Consider a business which – despite repeated complaints from its landlord renders the area around it unsafe. Through its lack of proper procedures, it causes someone to suffer serious injury, in precisely the same way envisaged by its landlord.

I\’m not a huge fan of lawsuits in contexts such as libel, but this seems like a situation where the victim is entirely reasonable to sue – and where the dodgy business that kept up dangerous practices despite fair warning frankly deserves to be put out of business.

Unsurprisingly, the Daily Mail disagrees with me.

Get a grip, people

The BBC showed an invited audience a slightly misleading trailer for a documentary about an old lady being photographed. Another branch of the BBC picked a child from the studio audience to enter a quiz competion after its phone system went down (and also, 30 years ago, pretended a tortoise hadn\’t died).
If you think that these utterly trivial accusations prove anything beyond the fact that BBC\’s critics will clutch at any straw in their paranoia, you are silly.
If you think this throws into question whether the BBC should exist, you are bonkers.