I wouldn’t wipe my arse with it, myself

It’s been pointed out that my blogroll is shamefully out of date. Dearest reader, can you think of a site to which I should be linking?

Green with envy

I’ve got a post on DK about Mr Green’s travails. It’s slightly more measured than my initial drunken reaction.

Main point:

Executive summary for the hard-of-thinking: if stuff is illegal, then people who do it should be arrested, even if they’re people who you like. If people who you don’t think should be arrested are arrested as a result, you should campaign against the stuff being illegal, not against those particular people being arrested; and you certainly shouldn’t invent ridiculous lies about the constitution to justify the illegal actions of the people you like.

Newspapers make BNP cunts happy

5cc has a quality piece about the random, made-up lie that the Mumbai terrorists were brown British gentlemen, the tabloids’ insane fixation thereon, and their complete non-denial when it turned out to be bollocks.

Fantastic. So we’ve turned an actual “Pakistan’s secret service does vile murder against Indians, as they’ve done non-stop for the last 50 years; film at 11″ story into a made-up “the darkies will rise up and slaughter us in our beds” story. That’ll surely help with racial tension everywhere…

And people cuss Iran for being ropey

8-year-old charged with murder in the US. Fucking skills. I mean, seriously, nobody here is even thinking ‘what the fuck, we can’t sensibly hold a fucking 8-year-old responsible for murder’ – they’re keeping the fucking kid in the county jail. Just, fuck.

And yes, I know that our age of criminal responsibility is 10, and yes, I agree that that’s to our utter shame and debasement (as demonstrated most obviously by the revolting circus of the James Bulger murder trial). But even so, fuck. If you think that criminalising children is in any way justifiable, I hope a gang of feral youths utterly murders you to death.

(and yes, I’m well aware that the people most excised about the Baby P case are precisely the ones who were cheerleading for the lynching of the kids in the Bulger case. This is because everyone excised about the Baby P case, and about the Bulger case, is a loathsome, despicable, hypocritical bastard.)

I sort of disapprove of this

…and sort of am impressed by it:

A court in Iran has ruled that a man who blinded a woman with acid after she spurned his marriage proposals will also be blinded with acid.

Joke of the year

From Sickipedia, unsurprisingly:

I met a 14 year old girl on the internet. She was clever, funny, sexy and flirty, so I suggested we meet up.

She turned out to be an undercover detective.

How cool is that at her age?

I endorse the arrest of Damian Green

Absolute hilarity; the more MPs arrested the better, especially if they’re Tories. I mean, if every Tory cunt were cheese-grated to death, that’d be better; but arrest is a good starting point.

Blah blah blah whistleblowing blah blah blah. Like I give a shit; he’s a fucking Tory MP. I’m willing to stand up for BNPists, terrorists and paedophiles, but I draw the line at Tory MPs. Mr Neimoller, this is where your poem ends.

Serious? Seriously.

I’ve got a post on the Baby P circus up at Devil’s Kitchen (where I’ll occasionally be posting, not solely to annoy the actually-right-wing-and-not-libertarian-at-all cunts commenters cunts who infest the place). Very short summary: everything you think you know about the case is almost certainly wrong, and social services had no real opportunity to make any kind of coherent intervention.

On ‘being a bad person’

I found myself sober at a houseshare where a friend was supposed to be cooking me dinner, but where two drunken gentlemen who’d failed to leave from the night before were still in attendance having consumed a bottle of vodka for brunch and another for tea.

Naturally, I hit the wine hard; after a rapid couple of glasses, the conversation steered onto the horrible but unavoidable topic of Baby P. Luckily, before political prejudices could be aired, one of the drunken non-current-affairs following gentlemen said “who the fuck is Baby P?”.

Not entirely to my credit, the answer I gave was “a very small rapper, who was beaten to death by some white people”. Not entirely to their credit, the people about acquiesced in this answer. The n-c-a-f chap asked some more questions, which we answered honestly but not, perhaps, giving the full flavour of the case.

If Mr N-C-A-F gets lynched, then I’ll feel quite bad about the whole situation…

Casual racism confession hour

OK. was anyone else surprised to see the face-blurred photo of Baby P and discover that he was white and blond?

Of course, there’s no reason why white, blond parents can’t be just as vicious and evil as any others; although given that there can’t be more than about four white parents in Harringey it goes slightly against the grain…

(I heard someone comment as an aside that the mother had been to public school. Not sure if this has been confirmed in any non-censored sources; if it’s true, then it’ll have been another factor making life difficult for the social workers involved. If you spend your days dealing with lackwit charvers who’re incapable of, know wha’ I mean, like, stringing, a fucking sentence fucking, like, together, then I suspect a bit of expensively-purchased articulacy and charm is likely to switch off some of your alarm bells…)