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Suggestion to Ian Blair

If you\’re going to have a shoot-to-kill policy for terrorists, please can you apply it tenfold on the slightest suspicion to the vicious bastards in the ALF?

Blair says something almost, but not, sensible

Ian Blair is a dick. However, his recent comments about the PR given to the Soham murders and Tom ap Rhys Price compared to the murder of Balbir Matharu are almost sensible.

Almost, not actually. The reason for the difference in coverage isn\’t race, it\’s prettiness and class. Newspapers like to be able to run pictures of cute children or pretty-boy twentysomething lawyers, and they like stories of \”enormous potential destroyed\”. Pictures of fat now-dead middle-aged working class blokes don\’t sell papers.

However, black victims who live up to the pretty-and-potential stereotype do: indeed, Damilola Taylor and Anthony Walker\’s murders got blanket coverage for precisely this reason. It\’s not about the race, it\’s about the fit and the posh…

Ignore da police

If Pigdogfucker were to call for the reintroduction of the death penalty, but only for people who murder the proprietors of offensive websites, that would be a pretty lame piece of hypocrisy.

It\’s not surprising, given that Lord Stevens is a terrible man who holds wrong-headed opinions about every subject on which it is possible to do so, that he\’s been expounding precisely this hypocritical suggestion about people who top his fellow coppers.

Relatedly, can everyone shut the fuck up about Sharon Beshenivsky now? Her death is sad for her family, but matters not in the slightest on a wider scale. The only reason the police get get paid more than people in other equally low-skilled jobs is because of the additional risk involved, and people factor this in when they accept the role – just as rally drivers know they might die of crashing into things.

Indeed, killing a copper should really be viewed as less serious than killing someone who didn\’t volunteer to be a target…

Tony Parsons: cunt of the century

Some top quotes this week from the best argument ever against allowing working class people a platform to talk about anything of any kind ever (apart from his ex).

\”We believe that the police should be given whatever they ask for\” and \”we will do [China\’s] proud, decent, hard-working people no favours at all by […] constantly abusing their president\”.

Christing hell. What is the man on?

Worse than we thought

Sounds like Jean Charles de Menezes was actually murdered: the commanding officer never gave permission to shoot him, and freelance shooting-in-the-head-by-coppers is viewed as murder in this country. Hopefully the filthy bastards responsible will be jailed, beaten and never let out. More likely, they\’ll be \’early retired\’ on full pension…

This is why it\’s important to *burn down* the mosque

The police? Acting like cocks? I\’m shocked. Shocked, I tell you…

Jesus is a cunt

\”A teenager who wore a T-shirt showing a nun in a pornographic pose must do 80 hours of community service. Adam Shepherd, 19, was convicted by Weymouth magistrates under a new law banning the display of religiously insulting material.\” – a Telegraph news-in-brief item, apparently not online. Meanwhile, a Metro news-in-brief item, also not online, suggests Mr Shepherd\’s T-shirt bore the slogan \”Jesus is a cunt\”.

What fucking law banning the display of religiously insulting material? What the fuck was this man convicted for, and why hasn\’t it provoked a national outcry? If the facts are as reported in the Telegaph piece, anyone who believes that Mr Shepherd deserved to be punished by law is evil and ought to be killed. I suspect they may not be, however, since the Telegraph has become a joke newspaper (well, also since I live in hope that our legal system isn\’t really wasting its time on kids wearing nun-porn t-shirts…)

Quick Google-fuelled update: this has happened before, and apparently \”religiously aggravated offensive conduct\” is a real crime. Anyone who thinks that\’s a good idea is certainly a cunt. Even if Jesus isn\’t.

Sir Ian Blair is the worst man alive

No argument, just a self-evident truth. Feel free to leave constructive suggestions on what should be done with Sir Ian Blair in the comments.