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From sensible to not so

Is Nosemonkey satirising the loonier end of the \”media complicit in treachery for reporting bad things about the war\” spectrum, or has he joined it?

The News of the World was and is fully aware of the potential for a violent response in publishing [the \’British troops batter the shit out of innocent Iraqis\’ story]. Yet they went ahead and ran it anyway, putting British troops in further danger, isolating them further from the average Iraqi. In a regular wartime situation, that could be considered tantamount to treason.

Hmm. In other news, William Peers was fully aware of the potential for a violent response in publishing his report into Mai Lai. Yet he went ahead and published it anyway, putting US troops in further danger, isolating them further from the average Vietnamese. In a regular wartime situation, that could be considered tantamount to treason.

I hate Islamist terrorists

No, not because they blow people up. The number of people they blow up is sufficiently trivial that only paranoid loons would even bother worrying about it.

In any case, it\’s hard to see how removing 3000 New York bankers from the equation could have failed to make the world a better place. Fuck off with your whiny, obscenely wealthy shrink-going self-obsession, and endure some of the misery and suffering you normally only inflict on other people for profit. Win-fucking-win (see also John Monckton).

Returning to the Islamists, though, I hate they way they provide a cover for would-be tyrants and process-crazed bureaucrats to demand or impose whatever the hell stupid measures they like. Ian Blair and some Russian apparatchik were both interviewed on today\’s Today programme; both of them blethered on incessantly about the terrible measures required to deal with the terrorist menace (the fact that prior knowledge of British or Russian politics is the only way to tell between the two country\’s terrible measures – detaining people for three months without evidence versus demanding a government license for all NGOs – is also worrying, but not the point).

The point is that because The People are scared that these freaky types in funny hats and odd-coloured skin will achieve the singularly unlikely feat of a not-utterly-pathetic-and-laughable terrorist attack – say, one which kills or mains more people than a year\’s worth of road casualties – governments in both countries can get away with proposing these measures without being immediately overthrown and hung from makeshift gallows for tyranny. Stop it, you pathetic wusses.

And he was a shit bass player

\”As soon as anybody starts to do something about it somebody sticks their hands in the air and says \’What about their human rights?\’ What about the human rights of my daughter and the 50-odd people on July 7?\” – July 7 parent John Taylor. Oh, fuck off. Shame your daughter was killed and not you, really.

Media fuck up, bombers unaffected

My attention is brought to an interesting site which points out that the media reports of how the July 7 bombers got to London were clearly bollocks. The train departure board from Luton that morning shows that one of the alleged bomber-transporting trains didn\’t run, while the other was over 20 minutes late.

Although it\’s tempting to assume this means an Extreme Cover Up, it seems far more likely that the hacks are lazy bastards and the coppers have better things to do just after a terrorist attack than check out train times before saying \”yeah, that sounds about right\” to hacks who call them for info. If you\’re a London-bombing terrorist, even quite a shit one, that you\’ll turn up at the station in plenty of time in case things go wrong – so the bombers will have caught a delayed train way ahead of the reported 7:40/7:48 one (which is the last one they could have taken had it been running, and had it not been half an hour late, respectively).

Annoyingly, neither Thameslink nor Midland Mainline (the two companies to run trains from Luton to London) have CCTV on their trains. And the police mightn\’t ever catch anyone directly enough implicated with the July 7 bombs for this evidence to be disputed in court anyway. Even so, I\’m seriously hoping some of this will come up at the 21 July non-bombers\’ trial (assuming Tony doesn\’t have it held in secret with baying Sun-reading 7 July victims\’ families taking the role of judges and jury).

Ho ho

Iranian anti-terrorist arbitrary detention laws more lenient than ours? Surprise on a fucking bicycle…

Parsing and ambiguity

According to Tony Blair, there is \”a worrying gap between parts of Parliament and the reality of the terrorist threat and public opinion\”.

This sentence is somewhat ambiguous. The context in which it makes most sense is \”although parts of Parliament understand how real or otherwise the terrorist threat is, the public are overly terrified about the whole thing\”. Pointing this out is a surprisingly candid admission of failure, since Mr Blair\’s lies and distortions are the main reason why the public are overly terrified about the whole thing.

The alternative interpretation – that public opinion is in accordance with reality, on this subject or any other – is so patently insane that not even Mr Blair could countenance making it…

Rare good news

This is good, not least because of this.

And other cryptic comments.

Oh, also, I win a prize for predicting that Tony would say something pathetic and schoolmaster-y about this defeat, like \”don\’t expect any help from me when the terrorists blow you up\”. Indeed, he\’s said he hopes MPs \”do not rue the day\”.


Kill them all

Speaking of terror-detention-stupidity, The Sun is evil.

If Grant Mitchell fancies actually beating Rebekah Wade to death next time she tries to slap him, I\’d happily drop my general opposition to domestic violence. Ditto my opposition to terrorism for any terrorists who fancy exploding Rupert Murdoch. Terrible, terrible cunts.

They\’re worse than Al Qaeda, even, since Al Qaeda have no power to make a blind bit of difference to anything particularly important (no, I don\’t view 5000ish deaths as important in this context: in a world with six billion people, it\’s completely fucking negligible. A major world government abandoning the rule of law is rather more serious…)

A six month prison sentence: no charge

In order to be allowed to support the government\’s deranged law-abolishing 90-day-innocent-people-detention plans, you should be required to spend three months in prison (equivalent to a six-month sentence) yourself and see how you fucking like it.