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Bunch of queens

If you\’re going to be an explodey-bomber, there oughtn\’t to be enough bits of you left for a proper burial. As has been proven by many events, clearly the London branch of Al Quaeda are a useless bunch of lamers.

And sheerly out of boredom and annoyance, PDF puts out a jihad on them.

Lying to liars

It seems that lying to a hack is now illegal. I surely sleep safer in my bed knowing this edifying fact. And passing secrets to Iran.

Ah, shut up with your Rachels

If anyone else approvingly cites Tom Gross\’s repetitive point about the PR that murdered-by-Israeli-state Rachel Corrie gets compared with assorted murdered-by-exploding-fanatics Rachels, then you have my express permission to run them over with a bulldozer.

Maniacs kill people and always will. This is sad and a problem, but fundamentally boring. However, we don\’t expect nominally civilised governments like Israel to slaughter unarmed civilians (quite why we don\’t expect Israel to slaughter unarmed civilians is less clear, but that\’s a point for another day), so it\’s interesting when they do. Why d\’you think Steve Biko gets more PR than, say, Nelson Chisale? Or come to that, why Jean Charles de Menezes gets more PR than James Adams?

Actually, I guess if you\’re the kind of person who believes that Rachel Corrie still gets PR when suicide bombing victims don\’t because everyone on the left is a crazed antisemite, you probably also don\’t understand why De Menezes gets that much attention. Sigh…

Long-stay parking

Great respect to newly-dead Rosa Parks, who sat down for her rights. And inspired the most brilliantly inappropriate tribute song.

Yay mobs!

The riots in Birmingham are unexceptional; they highlight the tendency of moronic fuckwits to go on community-destroying rampages for absolutely no reason. It\’s not a race thing – idiots of all colours have done similarly stupid things in recent years. And while it\’s clearly partly a class thing, this is because the middle classes are too attached to their Mondeos and stone-clad semis to burn them down, not because the middle classes are any less capable of wanton destructive bigotry.

In the wise words of Mr Nicholas Cave, \”people they ain\’t no good\”.

Cameron: abstemious

David Cameron says he hasn\’t taken cocaine while being an MP. Of course, between April 12 and May 4 this year, he wasn\’t one. What\’s the betting he went on a coke-fuelled re-election spree?

Religion is shit, but don\’t patronise it

Why do all those high-income liberals vote against their economic interest in favour of socialist parties, many of whom aren\’t particularly socially liberal? It\’s obviously because socialists have tricked them into believing that left-wing parties share high-income liberals\’ spiritual and social values…

Miners with smashed heads

\”Do you really think that all those people that voted Tory for 18years did so because they wanted to see more dead babies in the street,or miners with smashed heads. \” – a loon, here.

Well, perhaps. The other plausible explanation is utter ignorance and stupidity; as a charitable kind of guy, I\’m willing to assume the latter absent of any evidence to the contrary.