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Terrorist stupidity

David Cameron claims that the Human Rights Act is preventing us from stopping The Evil Terrorists (TM), and that therefore it should be abolished.

This is bollocks.

The thing which has prevented us from stopping The Evil Terrorists (TM) is that MI5 and the police are a bunch of useless fuckwits without the slightest clue about Islamist terrorism (or indeed, anything else).

Cameron\’s idiotic crowd-pleasing is symptomatic of a wider fallacy. In the UK, we currently have the laws in place to arrest more or less anyone bad for more or less anything bad. There are a few exceptions, but they generally aren\’t worth worrying about – if you can think of any which are, then leave a comment.

The problem, and the thing which frustrates the public, is that the laws we already have aren\’t always enforced effectively. The enforcement isn\’t usually all that dreadful, hence crime falling and the UK remaining quite a nice place to live unless you\’re a paranoid BNP loony, but when the system does go wrong it is almost inevitably because enforcement has failed.

But in such cases, instead of pledging better enforcement of existing laws, politicians and media commentators (I\’m not convinced there\’s a difference between the two any more) propose new laws to make something which was already illegal even more so, as if this would make a blind bit of difference to anybody.


\”Damn those evil terrorists, doing themselves in just to spite us,\” say the Americans.

Idiot comment of the day

Or \”why comment is free\” [*]:

[commenter] Puzzledcov: \”I find it difficult to believe that very many members of the old IRA would have supported the indiscriminate murder of men, women and children in the name of Ireland. They did not target civilians,\”

[commenter] Midas: So let me get this straight, the \’OLD\’ IRA were the ones who didn\’t plant bombs in Coventry, Birmingham, Manchester London and across half of Northern Ireland. The \’NEW\’ IRA were the ones who did? When was it, exactly that the \’OLD\’ IRA disbanded and the \’NEW\’ IRA took over?

In 1922 and 1969 respectively, you ignorant cock.

[*] scroll or search for the quoted comments on the CiF link. Re this point, all websites that allow comments but don\’t give direct links to them are shit and run by wankers.


An Islamist mob has seized Mogadishu, the capital (in a ceremonial, rather than functional, sense) of Somalia.

The Americans\’ genius tactic of bribing local murderous bastards to fight the Islamists didn\’t entirely pay off. Shocked, I am.

Pathetic Fallaci

If someone were to slit the throat of New Yorker writer Margaret Talbot, no tears ought to be shed: 

[Insane bigoted pathetic liar] Oriana Fallaci has repeatedly fallen afoul of some of Europe’s strict laws against vilifying religions or inciting racial hatred. (In Europe, the prevailing impulse toward certain kinds of outré opinions is to ban their expression.)

Cock off. The reason Fallaci has run into trouble is that she\’s a shit-stirring Nazi insaniac, not that she holds \”outré opinions\”. Talbot, as an American, should understand that turning up at an airport and making jokes about misappropriating aeroplanes and flying them into buildings is Inappropriate and Wrong. Such jokes are the direct equivalent of the \”outré opinions\” that Fallaci holds.

Sure, anyone loony enough to believe bomb jokers are OK ought to be on the poor senile deranged lady\’s side – but I\’m reasonably convinced that there\’s a fairly direct correlation between the \”hang \’em all and flog \’em all\” brigade and Ms Fallaci\’s admirers.

Shorter European Media Forum

Commercial radio stations are shit and radio adverts are the most painful and annoying torture devices ever invented, so everyone listens to the BBC instead. This isn\’t fair on the idiots who run commercial radio stations, so we should annoy everyone else by forcing Radio 1 and Radio 2 to have adverts.

Unfair summary? No, not really.


A Tiny Revolution has dug up an excellent digression from the 9/11 Commission report, which was somewhat overshadowed by the report\’s other contents on first release: 

Days after 9/11, a senior Pentagon official lamented the lack of good targets in Afghanistan and proposed instead U.S. military attacks in South America or Southeast Asia as \”a surprise to the terrorists\”.

Yup, that ought to surprise them. Unsurprisingly, ATR and its commenters have some good ideas on other possible courses of action that might have surprised the terrorists. The best so far is:

Begin a thorough investigation of what actually happened on 9/11 and craft an appropriate response which included capturing and trying those still alive who planned the attacks and fire everyone in government whose incompetence or negligence allowed it to happen.

Actually, I think that might be a little bit too outlandish (via Alex).

That \”deport all foreign prisoners\” thing

If we start deporting all foreigners who get convicted of crimes, we\’ll inevitably run into more cases like that of Ernesto Leal, where long-time British residents who\’ve contributed to the community they live in get thrown out for doing one stupid thing (as well as receiving the actual punishment laid down in law). This seems disproportionate, rubbish and stupid, because it is.

And if you start spouting pompous arse like:

I believe that anyone in the country, who is not a citizen, is here as our guest, on sufferance, and any significant misdemeanour means they have abused our hospitality and should leave forthwith

…then I hope you get shot by some angry Somali. Pretentious cunt. I hate this pseudo-American crap about Citizens and Guests and Hospitality. We\’re People. So Are They. If You Think Your Country Of Birth Makes You Better Than Them, Then You\’re A Cunt And Should Die. Nothing Else To See Here, Fuck Off.