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That phrase does not mean what you think it does

Neither \”in all seriousness\” nor \”the totalitarian left\”:

Finally, there are the downright vicious ones from people who, in all seriousness, say they would consign me, for instance, to the gas chambers. Now here\’s a funny thing. They all come from the totalitarian left. Odd, that. (Not.) They don\’t like it up \’em, do they?

I suppose it\’s possible he\’s had more than one gassing threat lately. Dozens, even. The fact that someone seeking to defend right-wing political thought from the Leftofascists and the Islamofascists faces such widespread intimidation is a clear indication of spiralling levels of antisemitism and holocaust denial. And it\’s almost certainly the Muslims\’ fault.

Fuck courtesy, you daft cunt

The anti-Blair demonstration at the north London Potemkin school the other day was hilarious. Lenin has a horse\’s-mouth account, but effectively it involved sixth-formers defying politically-cowed teachers to deliver the same message to Blair that any sane person would want to deliver (i.e. \”fuck off and die\”).

Wingnutblogger Prodicus is an idiot, on the other hand:

I despise those who teach children to be rude to Prime Ministers – even this one – and who use them as cannon fodder. They should leave that to Hamas and Hezbollah.

Fuck that. Everyone should be rude to Prime Ministers; everyone should be rude to every cunt who tries to assert their authority over others. This particular PM deserves it more than others thanks to his erosion of civil liberties and his complicity in American and Israeli Ayrab-slaughtering, but that isn\’t really the point. Nobody deserves respect merely for their title, and nobody should ever defer to anyone, ever. If you think otherwise, you\’re a daft little reactionary poodle, and I will be there laughing in your face when the people to whom you kowtow defecate on your head from a great height.

Also, likening a harmless and amusing school protest to the use of children as soldiers and human bombs is the most offensive metaphor since I said \”cunts like Prodicus should be sent to Poland and gassed in the showers\”. Which was just now.

The Devil, wrongly, half-approves of Prodicus on this issue. But at least he has the decency to focus on Lenin\’s communist leanings, rather than suggesting that Tony Blair deserves any respect of any kind whatsoever.

File this one under \’obvious\’

Even the US Senate now admits that there was no connection between Saddam and September 11. Obviously, right-wing nutjobs will continue to believe it until the Rapture.

Jack Straw\’s Castle (possibly of sand)

Certain rumours have been circulating in Pigdogfucker\’s (eminently connected) circle that the Leader of the House will be the next Blairite to follow Tom Watson and resign his position in protest at the PM\’s non-resignation… As always, no promises of truth are being made (and sadly, PaddyPower don\’t seem to be offering a book…)

I hate it when evil cunts like good things

Gibbering far-right mentalist RottyPup is best avoided, unless you believe that all non-Anglo-Saxon types are satanic Koranimals out to kill us all. And that it\’s a good thing Jean Charles de Menezes was killed rather than someone with an in-date visa, because minor immigration breaches ought to carry the death penalty. And that the biggest US-government-related injustice of The War On Terra is that they allowed a freelance torturer to get a taste of his own medicine.

Polly Harvey is a fantastic musician, so it\’s upsetting to find RottyPup linking to her video: deranged bigots like should not be allowed to like decent music, but rather should listen to Andrew Ian Dodge albums on an endless loop. And enjoy it. Save the decent stuff for non-wingnuts in future, there\’s a good chap…

Shorter Martine Martin

\”I\’m a Tory because I think public schools and university places should be subsidised\”. Refreshingly honest, at least…

Why the public should be genocided

I resent having to share my air with these people: 

A poll of 1,000 people found one in three believed the NHS should provide \”all drugs and treatments, no matter what the cost\”. Just one in four people believe the NHS should provide the \”most effective and value for money treatment\”

[actually the option picked by the sane 25% of the audience was \”the NHS should provide the most effective drugs and treatments provided they represent good value for money\”; arguably it\’s a bit rude of the Beeb to paraphrase it and then put the paraphrase in quotes – PDF]

There is no sane answer to this question other than \”the NHS should provide the most effective and value for money treatment\”. It\’s a bit of a vacuous platitude, given the difficulties in measuring and determining what the \”most effective value for money treatment\” is, but partly because of its triviality it has the benefit of being obviously true.

 If you pick another answer (from the options of: \”The NHS should provide all drugs and treatments, no matter how much they cost\”; \”The NHS should provide only the most effective drugs and treatments no matter how much they cost\”; and \”Don\’t know\”), then you don\’t deserve to live.

Unless you picked \”don\’t know\”, in which case I salute your awareness of your own limitations. Hopefully you\’ll adopt the same strategem in elections…

America\’s Funniest Terrorists

The Devil points me to a video clip in which September 11 2001 footage is cut into an episode of America\’s Funniest Home Videos (like You\’ve Been Framed, but without the beardy withered-hand freak).

The good news is that the sanctimonious scumbags who you\’d expect to be annoyed by such a stunt have been, in spades – this quote is a pretty representative sample:

Whether he’s a liberal or not, there are libs who align themselves and are of like-mind to this human waste and excrement.

The bad news is that the video is so poorly executed that it just isn\’t funny: it\’s just a load of jumbled-together archive footage with the TV theme music playing in the background. Pull your socks up, anarchist filmmakers - this kind of poor workmanship is playing right into the hands of The Man.

Violent Buddhist militants

Sunny has spotted a sectarian riot in Sri Lanka, started by angry pro-war Buddhist monks. This can be placed alongside the Buddhist terrorists I identified a few months ago. Why won\’t the public wake up to the serious threat posed by fundamentalist Buddhism?

This isn\’t going to get much play from the Islamophobic crowd

Remember the terrible events in Beslan two years ago, when evil Muslim terrorists callously blew up and gunned down a school full of children after taking them hostage?

According to the Russian expert investigating the case, the explosions were all caused by Russian grenades, with the gunmen only opening fire in response to the Russian attack.

I\’m sure that all those people who opined on the gunmen\’s great evil at the time will now apologise…