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No, they just flipped an \’evil\’ coin

At daft cunt Ian Dale\’s site, and at various other fucktard-infested parts of the right-wing blogosphere, the BBC is being slated for its \”Why did September 11 happen?\” page on its news-for-kids Newsround portal.

The offending text [now amended to something more anodyne, but which is probably still sane enough to piss off the nutters] read:

The way America has got involved in conflicts in regions like the Middle East has made some people very angry, including a group called al-Qaeda – who are widely thought to have been behind the attacks.

In the past, al-Qaeda leaders have declared a holy war – called a jihad – against the US. As part of this jihad, al-Qaeda members believe attacking US targets is something they should do.

When the attacks happened in 2001, there were a number of US troops in a country called Saudi Arabia, and the leader of al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, said he wanted them to leave.

As those of you who aren\’t gibbering right-wing nutjobs might notice, while a bit simplistic, it\’s all entirely true, entirely unbiased, and exactly in line with the findings of the 9/11 Commission\’s own report [pdf, large].

Unfortunately, crazy bigoted hatred of one\’s opponents in defiance of rational fact and sanity are almost as prevalent among Anglo-American right-wing fundamentalists as they are among Islamist fundamentalists…

A final point: the utter, utter cunts at the Biased BBC blog have been instrumental in making this non-story into a story. But in the process of doing so, they reveal something quite nasty and disturbing about their own motivations…

In a very long and boring piece about how the BBC is incredibly evil for changing the picture on one of the pages and saying it didn\’t, or not changing a picture and saying it did, or something, they say \”[the BBC\’s \’who is Al Qaeda\’ page is] fairly uncontroversial, though could be better written, for instance, AQ doesn\’t just believe it is fighting a holy war – it is fighting a holy war, unless all those attacks are just \’beliefs\’ too\”.

Traditionally, in order to \’fight a holy war\’, you need to have two sides, both of whom are trying to fight a holy war. Now, as I understand it, we\’re not currently trying to fight a holy war to eradicate Islam and Christianise its people. But clearly, the Biased BBC-ites think differently…

[9/11 Commission comparison via Gavin Whendale]

Utter, utter bastards

Whichever cunt at the Home Office made this decision should be sacked, and/or hanged:

Two senior prison officers, including the deputy governor of Ford open prison in West Sussex, were banned from expressing any opinion on the rehabilitation of 26-year-old Learco Chindamo, sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of the west London headmaster in 1995

In other words, because it was clear to everyone working with him in the prison system that Mr Chindamo no longer represented a threat to society, the Home Office banned these people from speaking at the hearing to determine whether he represented a threat to society – in the hope that the hearing would come to the false conclusion that he *did* still represent a threat.

Rather than making decisions based on facts, truth or justice, the decision was based on not wanting some daft bint to squeal to the tabloids about her \’human right\’ to have the poor sod banged up forever had been infringed…

Tory AM in \’total and utter lie\’ shock

Conservative London Assembly Member Angie Bray has an article on Commentisfree. As one might expect, it\’s a piece of Ken-bashery. As one might not entirely expect, one of its key bases is an appalling, total and utter lie:

Have you ever seen the Venezuelan electoral register? It looks innocent enough at first, with columns for your name, address and polling number. But then it suddenly turns slightly menacing: a long line of columns records every ballot you have ever cast. One of the fundamental tenets of democracy, which guarantees freedom from persecution, is the secret ballot. Yet this is unheard of in Chavez\’s Venezuela. This means that if you haven\’t voted for el presidente, you don\’t get access to vital poverty relief schemes

An appalling outrage; I can\’t believe our mayor is fraternising with such a stealth-dictator. Except that, err, he isn\’t. Venezuelan elections are held on an entirely secret ballot basis [pdf].

Another, err, not entirely true fact from Ms Bray is:

The Conservative group invited along one of the many dissident groups in the country whose members have had to flee abroad since he took office. Of course, Ken banned them from the building.

Actually, the only person they banned was terrorism advocate Aleksander Boyd.

In short, if you support terrorism and lies, vote Boris!

C\’est la resistance, meme si ce n\’est pas magnifique

An odd quote from Justin on Tim\’s blog re Iraq:

To describe beheaders and suicide bombers as \’resistance\’ is repugnant if you ask me.

The French Resistance in WWII, which is the most widely accepted definition of a \’legitimate\’ resistance movement, regularly engaged in suicide missions against – and killed plenty of – German soldiers. French people who worked with the Germans were widely described as – and killed for being – collaborators.

Uncontroversially, the people in Iraq who blow up civilians in market squares are scumbags. But the people who murder occupying soldiers and who murder Iraqis who side with the occupying army are doing what a resistance *does*, whether we\’d like to call them one or not.

Yes, I know the UK isn\’t Germany in WWII here: we came to Iraq because we believed we could make it better, not out of crazy Conquering The World-ness. But in the eyes of Iraqis, we\’re an occupying army and we\’re not wanted.

Given that, it\’s hard to see how we can avoid classing people who kill British troops as \’the resistance\’, and how we can avoid classing people who work with the British as \’collaborators\’. It would be good if we could tell grieving mothers \’your son died for a worthy cause\’ rather than \’your son died because the people of Iraq hated him for occupying their country\’ – but we can\’t.

The only solution, rather than pretending that we\’re not a reviled occupying army and that the people who kill our soldiers aren\’t doing the same as any resistance movement ever, is to get ourselves (and our collaborators, of course) the hell out of there as soon as humanly possible…

Finally: if Britain were occupied by a foreign army who refused to leave despite public opinion – even if the original invasion had been intended for our benefit but heinously failed – would you be willing to join the resistance and kill occupying soldiers? I\’d like to think I\’d be brave enough to do so.

Jihad update

Not content with enlisting disgruntled old men, disgruntled boys, and disgruntled young women, Al Qaeda has started employing digruntled spiders to bring down Western aircraft.

Old jokes revisited

A disturbing number of people have been endorsing Boris\’s hilarious decision to run for Mayor of London.

Fine, if you\’re endorsing him because you want buses to be abolished, subsidies for your 4×4 and don\’t give a fuck about the poor. Or if you\’re so right-wing that you think shaking hands with Hugo Chavez makes someone inherently eeeeeeeeevil.

But if the reason you\’re endorsing Boris is because you think Ken Livingstone is antisemitic, then you\’re a fucking eejit and should be gassed [*]. He isn\’t. There is no evidence that he is: only the ravings of paranoid nutjobs.

[*] with apologies to certain ex-bloggers

On internment

I would rather die in another 7/7 style attack committed by someone who\’d previously been released because of a lack of evidence of their guilt, than live in a society locked people up indefinitely without evidence on the off-chance that they might do bad things.

If you disagree, you don\’t deserve to live.

As if to prove me right

Oh come on. I know that my usual view on The Turrerists is that they\’re a useless bunch of pricks. But even I wouldn\’t have predicted that their latest plan would be to set themselves on fire and drive harmlessly into the side of an airport.

Western civilisation 1. Jihad 0.

Hearts and fucking minds

Just when you think George Bush couldn\’t possibly say anything more stupid and ill-considered: \”Iraq should be more like Israel\”. Remarkable.