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Ways to enliven the daily commute #242

Insane, yes. Suicidal, yes. Cool, for sure.

(don\’t try this in the UK, though. The featured train is running off 1,500V DC, whereas our trains are electrified at 25,000V AC. The latter will arc and fry you if you get within a half-metre of it…)

Watch and learn

British Gas and BT have criticised utilities comparison website uSwitch as nothing more than a \”money making enterprise\”. I didn\’t realise they disapproved of that kind of thing, although that would explain the performance of my BT shares…

Mischief, magpies, etc

Thanks to Mischief of Magpies for making Pigdogfucker their Blog Of The Week. The fact that I didn\’t update the site at all during the relevant week is probably a sign of something or other. Maybe if I stop posting altogether, I\’ll win the recognition I so clearly deserve… (via)

Nobody tell Fru T. Bunn

A naked bread lady was eaten on Sunday, in the name of art. Fru would be distraught.

Kentish boys

Nice piece from Matthew Norman on the heist of the century(/year/moment). Especially:

Then, as is traditional with major fiscal offences, they can spend twice as long in jug as they would have done for committing a couple of murders.


I think Ken should be allowed to make silly boorish remarks.
I think David Irving should be allowed to tell lies.
I think Danish newspapers should be allowed to publish cartoons of Mohammed.

(from someone in Harry\’s comments, worryingly)

Nowt so queer as Norfolk

Here are two recent police photofits issued by the Norfolk police – a would-be burglar and a would-be child abductor:



No further comment.

Independent *and* impartial

Meet the Carbon Monoxide Kills campaign. Note the way that instead of focusing on prosecuting dodgy landlords and unqualified gas installers (who are responsible for effectively all carbon monoxide deaths), it focuses on getting people to buy carbon monoxide detectors.

Meet Rob Aiers. He takes time out from his busy day-job as Director of Envirotec UK Ltd to lead the Carbon Monoxide Kills campaign, which encourages people to buy carbon monoxide detectors. What a brave, public-spirited figure; if all businessmen were like him, the world would be a kinder and better place. Indeed, his magnanimity is so great that I\’m going to reward him with a link to the Evotec UK Ltd website.

And yes, by some bizarre coincidence… etc.