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Sorry, the last post was erroneously titled

Actually, classing a quarter plus an eighth (ie about half as much as anyone with a bit of money who enjoys a smoke might buy at a time) as \”possession with intent to supply\” is the kind of lying Yank-style draconian insanse bullshit that warrants hanging. Cocklord. Kill the lot of them – there\’s a tenner in it for anyone who does.

More trigger-happy coppage

\”At this stage there is nothing to suggest members of the public in the immediate area are at risk,\” Scotland Yard said in a statement. \”Except from armoured thugs breaking down their front door and shooting them, of course.\”

Anti-crime fundays

Always a highly effective way of reducing crime.

\”Would you rather\” of the week

A bath with Rory McGrath, or a shower with Jack Bauer?

Important issues of the day

The Sickipedia. Yay! I just lost both games. Boo! The resurgence of The Sharpener. Yay! Crap spy fiction posing as \”aren\’t Muslims savage animals\” article. Boo!

It\’s a nice day for white whinging

The boy currently being prosecuted for racist playground remarks in Manchester is not being selectively victimised because he is white, and anyone who says otherwise is an idiot.

Yes, the boy who he called \”Paki\”, \”Bin Laden\” and indeed \”He\’s on the run, pull the trigger and shoot the nigger\” called him \”white trash\”. But the mixed-race boy\’s parents accepted a police caution when both boys were caught, while the white boy\’s parents decided it would be more appropriate to take him to court and defend his right to be a bigot.

I don\’t think that using the police is a terribly sensible way to go in cases like this – suspension from school would be more appropriate. But (see also Muslim and black hate speech advocates, who represent the majority of racial hatred prosecutions), anyone who says that white racism in the UK is treated in a more draconian fashion than minority racism is a honky lynch-monger and can safely be told to fuck off.

New meme

I\’m going to start doing this. I suggest you do too. 

If I started using the term \”anti-Semitic\” as a general term of undifferentiated disapprobation like \”lame\” or \”gay\” (as in \”god, those trainers are pretty anti-Semitic\”, \”The first few series of Friends were quite sharp and funny, but it got really lazy and anti-Semitic toward the end\”, \”I don\’t know; there\’s nothing specific about Shoreditch that I don\’t like – it\’s just a bit anti-Semitic\”), how long do you think it would take to catch on? And what sort of reaction would I get in the meantime?

Science commentator of the year

Environmental writer Donnachadh McCarthy obeys the laws of thermodynamics:

Come to think of it, why doesn\’t somebody make an oven that doesn\’t go cold? Then instead of heating an oven to 400 degrees for two hours, you could heat it to 600 degrees, turn it off and let the food cook as the oven slowly cools down.

Why indeed?

On Ken and the Ambassador

The Friday Thing has a good way with words:

Really, when British troops are putting their lives on the line for American foreign policy, it would be quite nice if they\’d just shut the fuck up over loose change and pay what they owe. It really would.

In the meantime, here\’s to Ken. Long may he be a thorn in the side of chisellers, crooks and diplomats everywhere. Regardless of where they\’re from.

Although if they do happen to be right-wing Americans, all the better.