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It\’s not food, it\’s sawdust

Sometimes it takes the child of a Russian dissident to point out the obvious:

There were other surprises ahead when she reached the UK… Why, when there were no food shortages, were people eating muesli?

Very high quality

I wish I were good enough for Jacqueline Mackie Paisley Passey, but I\’m clearly not. Maybe I should follow her advice and move the Third World…

The Pigdogfucker is annoyed

If anyone in the UK is likely to be a victim of terrorism, it\’s someone who lives and works in central London, commutes by public transport and frequently travels by air. This description, coincidentally, applies to your host.

Therefore, your host is not best pleased by idiots who suggest that – merely because he understands that the chances of being a victim of terrorism are so miniscule to not be worth worrying about, whereas the chances of being inconvenienced by excessive security measures approximate to 100% – he displays a callous \”I\’m alright Jack, sod them\” attitude.

Your host has a similar attitude to violent crime, having recently graduated from the age and gender group most likely to be a victim of violent crime to merely being in the age and gender group third most likely to be a victim of violent crime.

In both cases, there isn\’t very much of it, it\’s not very scary, and the people who are most scared of it are the people who don\’t stand any real chance of experiencing it anyway. And if said people have the fucking audacity to tell me I should think otherwise, despite the statistics tallying with my personal experience in such a way that makes obviously clear that they\’re wrong and I\’m right, then they\’re welcome to go and blow themselves up.

Anagram of the day

\”The Finsbury Park Mosque, in St. Thomas Road, Islington, London\” anagramises to \”Monstrous hook-limbed ninny sponsors Al Qaida fight. Nutter!\”. Hurrah! Via.

Name that element

A prize for the winner, possibly.


The monster is me

Corporate self-perspicacity here (or here, if the first has been sensibilified).

Perspective #1

PDF: \”Christ, those Orange film trailers are really annoying.\”

Friend of PDF: \”I don\’t know, the last one I saw was quite funny.\”

PDF: \”Really?\”

FOP: \”Yeah, in fact it was the most I laughed during the whole film.\”

PDF: \”Blimey. What film were you watching?\”

FOP: \”United 93.\”

And they\’re more intelligent…

Like News Of The World readers, ants have an internal pedometer.

I don\’t think his name worked in his favour

Alexander English, from Ayrshire, has been sentenced to four months in jail for stealing a single trainer from a sports shop.

Why I hate liberals

While really bad shit is happening – like, y\’know, the West massacring people all about, the government trying to lock up minor smokers as dealers, lesbians being sent to third-world hellholes to be murdered, while meanwhile the President of the USA spouts religious drivel about how gays are filthy perverts – the gay liberal lot cock on about how DJs who say rude things about everybody are racist and homophobic. Except that the strongest point they can muster is \”people over 30 don\’t understand how English is spoke, like\”.

It\’s just totally fucking gay.

Oh, irate update – if you think prosecuting today\’s French railways for the Vichy regime\’s Nazi bastardry is anything other than fucking retarded, you should be gassed.