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Chances of these murdering bastards being brought to justice?

Zero, obviously. If any Canadians are reading, it\’d be really super if you could burn down the White House again…

Most distressing

I hoped I\’d never have cause to say this, but Graham Norton is right and his critics are idiots. Ecstacy is undeniably a whole load of fun, and pretending otherwise does nobody any favours.

What would the Jew York Times say?

In traditional antisemitic discourse, one popular tactic is \’humorously\’ changing the names of institutions, organisations or regions that one believes to be excessively Jewish or Jew-controlled. Jew York, Hymietown, Yidsbury, and so on.

While some of these names may live on among borderline ultranationalist loonies and old men\’s pub conversations, any mainstream commentator found using them in a piece intended for national publication would instantly be ejected from polite society. Most likely, they\’d never get commissioned again outside of fringe publications; at the very least, their article would be spiked and the editor would have a Serious Word with them.

But as Andrew Bartlett points out, people who say \”al-Beeb\” or \”Londonistan\” are welcomed into mainstream publications with open arms – Stephen Pollard and Melanie Phillips are names that come to mind without even having to look; a bit of Googling will turn up many others.

Yet another case of Islamophobia as the acceptable antisemitism equivalent for the 21st century (other traditional antisemitic slurs include they\’re plotting to destroy us, they control the government, and they rape and prostitute Christian girls. Other recent Islamophobic slurs include they\’re plotting to destroy us, they control the government, and they rape and prostitute Christian girls…) can fuck off and die

How dare they? 

Dear [PDF],

We\’ve noticed that customers with your order profile have also ordered The Gospel According to Chris Moyles: The Story of a Man and His Mouth by Chris Moyles.  For this reason, you might like to know that this book will be released on 5 October 2006.  You can pre-order your copy for just £8.49 (50% off the RRP) by following the link below.

Link excised for obvious reasons.

Why I support and endorse terrorism and terrorists

In the vague hope that people who (without any apparent satirical intent) write this kind of thing:

1. True or False?

Liberals who attack Bush/defend terrorism do so because terrorism (like Communism) promises them the structure and discipline they, like so many spoiled brats, sorely lack and subconsciously crave.

Conservative answer: Sad but true

…will be the first to be exploded, even though I know that that theory has been empirically disproven.

I hate it when evil cunts like good things

Gibbering far-right mentalist RottyPup is best avoided, unless you believe that all non-Anglo-Saxon types are satanic Koranimals out to kill us all. And that it\’s a good thing Jean Charles de Menezes was killed rather than someone with an in-date visa, because minor immigration breaches ought to carry the death penalty. And that the biggest US-government-related injustice of The War On Terra is that they allowed a freelance torturer to get a taste of his own medicine.

Polly Harvey is a fantastic musician, so it\’s upsetting to find RottyPup linking to her video: deranged bigots like should not be allowed to like decent music, but rather should listen to Andrew Ian Dodge albums on an endless loop. And enjoy it. Save the decent stuff for non-wingnuts in future, there\’s a good chap…

America\’s Funniest Terrorists

The Devil points me to a video clip in which September 11 2001 footage is cut into an episode of America\’s Funniest Home Videos (like You\’ve Been Framed, but without the beardy withered-hand freak).

The good news is that the sanctimonious scumbags who you\’d expect to be annoyed by such a stunt have been, in spades – this quote is a pretty representative sample:

Whether he’s a liberal or not, there are libs who align themselves and are of like-mind to this human waste and excrement.

The bad news is that the video is so poorly executed that it just isn\’t funny: it\’s just a load of jumbled-together archive footage with the TV theme music playing in the background. Pull your socks up, anarchist filmmakers - this kind of poor workmanship is playing right into the hands of The Man.

Ooh, they\’re not going to like this

Channel 4 are making a mockumentary on the aftermath of Bush\’s assassination. One can only hope life imitates art.

Violence is funny, and people who disapprove of it should be hanged

Here are two examples of adverts featuring comedy violence – a joke Glasgow hardman (in a bird costume) making silly threats, and a girl slapping a bloke for using sleazy lines on her.

Both adverts attracted a few complants – but worryingly, not just from the usual mad busybodies who feel the need to land someone else in trouble every time they see a pair of tits or hear someone saying \”fuck\”. The first advert was complained about by the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit of Strathclyde Police and the Clinical Director of Glasgow Royal Infirmary\’s A&E department. \”Stop writing timewasting letters, and go catch some criminals and sew some people up\” would seem to be an appropriate response…

The Advertising Standards Agency rejected all complaints on both adverts, wisely reflecting the fact that both Glasgow hardmen and female-on-male domestic violence are broadly funny rather than serious (if you\’re a male who is in or has survived a physically abusive relationship reading this, then hahahahaha). But I\’m still disturbed that serious public service professionals think this is an appropriate way to behave.