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(fx: outbreak of evil bastardry)

On reading the \’young girls shagged \’n\’ bribed into smuggling coke for dodgy Africans, now facing ten years\’ third-world hard labour\’ story, I thought it would be hard to find *anyone* who thought this was a sane, fair or proportionate outcome.

I mean (sensible point) they\’re only kids who barely know what they\’re doing and (slightly less sensible, but still more accurate than most prohibitionist commentary) cocaine is a consensual and mostly-harmless-to-third-parties way of making rich wankers slightly less rich and more wankerish for a few years, until they get over it or die of heart attacks.

Digression: and if anyone\’s got a \’my [relative/friend/person I saw on TV/dog] died of DRUGS and they\’re EVIL and must be STOPPED\’ sob story, then fuck off. Whoever you know that died of coke-related illness undoubtedly had a fuck of a lot more fun than you ever have or will in between their first line and their demise…

Unwisely, I turned to the Daily Mail messageboard:

Withdraw their citizenship, do we really want them back after their sentence is complete?

– Andy, Bradford, England

If only our lilly-livered government could take such strong action!

I hope our media will ensure this is given as much publicity as possible to deter other potential smugglers.

– John, East Sussex, UK

They deserve everything that is meted out to them for this!

– Terence, Hereford, UK

What fucking planet are these mad cunts on? How can anyone greet the ruining of a child\’s life for a trivial non-crime with a \’mmm, yeah, good, more of that please\’?

Sometimes I actually, rather than merely for satirical effect, despair at the utter mindless idiocy and sheer evil of the scum we\’re forced to share this planet with…

Vote for me, you cunts

PDF has been nominated for most politically incorrect blog in some kind of awards ceremony. If I lose, it\’ll clearly be the Jews\’ fault.

Chill, niggaz

Thoughts on the latest Big Brother scandal:
a) it\’s Nathan as a girl!
b) what a ludicrous overeaction and fuss about nothing.

Pictures Of Dead Nudes!

This may be the most entertainingly bonkers comment thread ever:

[Some poor sod being libelled] is the one writing messages to himself, sending Miss Lowde anonymous letters, pressing his face against the window and sending her pictures of dead nudes. He has thrown women downstairs in the past, and only escaped his crimes by stating that he went to Oxford University

I didn\’t realise an Oxford education was accepted as an excuse by a court of law (I wonder if the Magistrate can confirm?) – I\’ll have to try that next time I send people pictures of dead nudes and throw them down the stairs.
(yes, I know that Felicity Lowde has made life genuinely threatening and horrible for Rachel North and others – I\’m glad that Rachel can also see the funny side).

Two cheers for Virgin

Loose Change is a stupid film; if you believe its premise, then you\’re an idiot.

However, Virgin Atlantic showed it had balls by making the film available on its in-flight video-on-demand service: even I could have predicted that doing so would provoke a shitstorm of whining Yank cuntery. Far too many people seem to believe that September 11 is so fucking unique or special (or whatever) that we shouldn\’t mock, dissect or ill-infomedly speculate about it.

One un-cheer to Virgin for backing down in the face of the inevitable shitstorm – although then again, it\’s probably not worthwhile for one commercial business to bother challenging a nation\’s worth of moronic perceptions in order to show a film made on equally moronic premises.

For connaiseurs of the pervy

This (axed) Calvin Klein ad is fantastically wrong. Good effort, sleazy weird old voiceover guy!

Local idiot smackdown

Both in blogs and in the national media, there is a huge amount of informed, reasoned debate on national and international policy issues. While there is also a great deal of gibbering bigoted ignorance, this is usually easily filtered out (does the writer a) work for the Daily Mail? b) use the phrases \’feminazi\’, \’ZaNu Labour\’ or \’EUrabia\’ without irony?).

On local issues, there is seldom the same level of debate, meaning that idiots are far more likely to get away with ignorant ranting and downright lying, convincing people on a national level that a particular situation does hold sway in at least one place (say, black areas being more criminal than white areas, or Poles stealing Catholic school places from decent English Catholics [*])

So I\’ve been very impressed with a couple of posts this week from Unity at Ministry Of Truth – one tackling a BNPist in Sandwell, who lies that crime is worst in ethnic minority areas within the district when it\’s actually demonstrably worst in majority white areas; and one tackling a lady who believes that Richmond is infested with wicked school-thieving Poles.

Maybe we should set up some kind of rota: every Reality Based blogger ought to find a local bigot-slash-nutter and demonstrate why their claims are false. And then print 1,000 copies of their post and post them through every letterbox in the district…

[*] no such thing, obviously: they\’re all Papist traitors and should be burned.

Ian Caldwell is a bigoted cunt

Specifically, Mr Caldwell is the kind of bigoted cunt who, when he spots a lady Muslim swimmer wearing a burqini, tries to get her thrown out of the swimming pool, and then sells his story to the tabloids lying that the lady in question was wearing a full-on burqa.

I\’ve come for my award

Jim Bliss has an excellent new meme:

the Thick Blogger award; the Thigger. It’s a bronze statuette about 14 inches long which you can shove up your arse.

There are many obvious candidates for such an award. However, I\’m going to award it exclusively to people who\’ve made comedic factual errors over the last week, while also being right-wing dicks who I don\’t much like in the first place. First up, Blognor Regis:

Why aren\’t our current crop of comedians making an impact overseas? Besides Australia that is. It\’s a bit like music. In the 80s the American charts were full of British bands and now only Sting can get anywhere near the Top 1000.

From this week\’s Billboard albums top 10:

8 Joss Stone Introducing Joss Stone Peak 2 Wks On 2
9 Elton John Rocket Man: Number Ones Peak 9 Wks On 1

And with the exception of Good Charlotte, every other album in the top 10 is hip-hop, country or a compilation.

Next up is the, admittedly sitting-duck-ish, House of Dumb:

This [a piece by Clive James on 24 and the ineffectiveness of torture] is what passes for rational debate at the BBC. Oh, hang on – I hear a whimpering from the corner. Mr Liberal would like to point out that this post was in the BBC\’s magazine section, so it should be counted as commentary, rather than news. Well, alright, now lets see the figures on how often Conservative commentators get invited to denounce \’degerenate terrorist enabling Liberal vermin\’ – I\’d start the betting at \’never\’ and work down from there.

He\’s referring to a piece by Clive James, who supports the Iraq war and regularly denounces lefties for blaming Islamist terrorism on the actions of the West (and specifically for anti-Americanism). In short, when it comes to views on the War on Terror, Clive James is far to the right of mainstream British public opinion. And his opposition to torture in the piece is based on the view that it\’s morally abhorrent for us to do it even to bad people, not the view that the people we\’re doing it to aren\’t bad.

Good work, gentlemen. Keep it up…

A step up, I\’d say

The Scots are currently having one of the most brilliantly sensationalist murder trials in a long while. As reported by the BBC:

A priest felt \”ashamed and disgusted\” with himself after he had sex with a Polish student… a court has heard.

This is not surprising – she was female, attractive and over 16. No self-respecting, God-fearing priest would have touched her.

Incidentally, I had to edit the BBC quote above to remove the \’accidental bad choice of words\’ comedy in the original:

A priest felt \”ashamed and disgusted\” with himself after he had sex with a Polish student whose body was found in his church, a court has heard.

I\’d probably feel a bit ashamed and disgusted if I had sex with a dead girl I\’d just found, even if she was hot.