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That cartoon thing, again

Yes, they\’re shit cartoons, but really, fuck off.
This kind of shit makes me side with the loonies on the right. And seriously, Muslims-of-the-Western-world, you don\’t want liberals like me to start siding with the loonies on the right…

Silly religious lot

The Danish paper of offensive-Mohammed-cartoons fame has issued an apology to \”the honourable citizens of the Muslim world\”. This clearly doesn\’t include the mentalist fuckjobs who\’ve been leading the protest. Shut up; it\’s only a fucking cartoon.

A special hell is reserved for the European expats who gave arse-licking quotes to the Arab press about the whole debacle. \”I think it typifies the lack of understanding about other cultures in the West, particularly about Islam and the seriousness Muslims attach to their faith\”, says builder Martin Seward-Case. Shut up; it\’s only a fucking cartoon.

What the Danes should have done is to invade Muslim countries, slaughter Muslims in their thousands, to prop up tyrannical regimes and to refuse to deal with democratically elected governments, while avoiding sixth-form jokes about Mo. That\’s the Honourable Politically Correct Course Of Action, you see…

Dying at the Hajj: news why?

It happens every fucking year, and in the unlikely event that Allah isn\’t some kind of amusing fairy tale, all involved will go to heaven. So why do we bother making a big deal out of it?

This is why it\’s important to *burn down* the mosque

The police? Acting like cocks? I\’m shocked. Shocked, I tell you…


Says the BBC, \”[the resignation of Saddam\’s defence lawyers] raises fresh questions as to whether the former leader, whose trial opened last week, will receive a fair hearing\”.

No, it doesn\’t: there is no doubt that he will receive an unfair hearing. There is no prospect either that someone of Saddam\’s infamy could receive a fair trial anywhere, or that a third-world state that was a tyranny til 2003 and now steers an uneasy path between theocracy, tribalism and outright anarchy could deliver a fair trial to anyone.

I know I shouldn\’t do this, but sometimes there\’s no option

Compare and contrast these two links to cartoons from one of the pro-war right\’s leading weblogs: one to a cartoon that depicts Ariel Sharon as a duplicitious torturer, and one to a cartoon that depicts the British Army assassinating beloved cartoon characters in order to appease Muslims.

Now, the Sharon cartoon is a bit dodgy: while Arik is indubitably a duplicitous torturer, the cartoon probably takes the Jewish stereotypical features too far. But fucking hell, the Piglet cartoon is sheer mentalism: we\’re locking Muslims up, not appeasing them (and the original source story was fictional in the first place – the Sun took a true story about some Muslims being upset about being sent porcine stress-toys, and turned it into a racist lie about how Muslims were seeking to ban everyone from everything pigular.)

Guess which cartoon the site condemns and which it praises? Well, don\’t bother actually – you know the answer…