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Another reason to love the BBC

When Rod Liddle was a Beeb producer, he didn\’t write crazy mental bigoted shit like this (full version here for non-registration-fans). Well, he did, but only harmlessly against the Countryside Alliance rather than descending into LGFoid race-baiting.

The difference between [moderate Muslims] and the Taleban is much as it was between Berlinguer and Stalin: one is more clubbable, more amenable, more like one of us. But the core ideology is the same.

Yes, Rod. And they\’re hiding under your beds.

We believe in democracy, honest

It\’s not exactly surprising that the Yanks have refused to accept Palestine\’s democratically elected government – the US has always been keener on compliant dictators than opposition democracies (just ask Salvador Allende). However, it\’s distressing to see Canada lining up with the Yanks on this. Let this be a warning to anyone else who feels like electing a right-wing government…

Made for each other

The fervent defence of an Afghan\’s religious freedom sounds somehow less convincing when made by someone who despises almost all Afghans and believes they\’re savage \’Koranimals\’.

Yes, killing people for their religion is clearly backward. Despising people for their religion, and advocating a genocidal nuclear war against them on the basis of their religion is, err, the same. You tit.

You hyp and you crit and you don\’t stop

According to Lori Marcus in an Israel National News article,

Have we not yet learned that when Muslims cry “offensive,” it may have little (or nothing) to do with religious principles, but is instead one of the tools in their arsenal for geographic or psychological extortion?

Have we not yet learned that when Jews slag off the Muslims, it may have little (or nothing) to do with religious principles, but is instead one of the tools in their arsenal for geographic or psychological extortion? No, obviously we haven\’t, because we\’re sane enough to realise the difference between lunatics like Lori Marcus and Jews-in-general. Go figure.

Similarly, Shalom Lappin (writing at Normblog) is also an idiot:

The current defence of [Ken Livingstone\’s] insult as legitimate if offensive political expression indicates a general refusal to take seriously the deeply racist nature of his political strategy. He systematically provokes Jews in order to curry favour with a variety of political and religious constituencies. Interestingly, he incurs no serious political damage for this policy.

No, he provokes gibbering Zionist lunatics. A sizeable proportion of London\’s Jews agree with Ken\’s Middle East policy and have no problems with his Standard-baiting.

Why do idiots like Ms Marcus and Mr Lappin feel they have the right to speak for all Jews? It\’s like when Nick Griffin claims he\’s speaking for all English people – except that absolutely no-one takes Mr Griffin seriously…

In very mild praise of George Bush

Let\’s start with an uncontroversial statement: there are a whole load of crazy Muslim-hating bigots in the US. More specifically, various US politicians are trying to block Dubai Ports World\’s takeover of P&O, on the grounds that filthy Ay-rabs would end up operating facilities at various American ports.

The deal poses no security issues, in the UK, the US or elsewhere: for a start, port security is overseen by governments rather than facility operators – and Dubai Ports World is run by civilian commercial management. DPW could be owned by Osama Bin Laden himself, and the threat posed to international security would still be zero. But that\’s not even the point: Dubai is a civilised and stable country with no involvement whatsoever in terrorism (well, one of the 9/11 hijackers was born in the UAE. And Tim McVeigh was born in the US). Its troops fight alongside the US Army. Opposing the deal – hell, even questioning the deal any more than you\’d question a takeover by a Canadian or Australian company – makes you a crazy racist fuckwit, or at best an ignorant fuckwit.

Scarily, the opposition isn\’t a left/right issue: liberal bloggers like Kos and AMERICAblog are jumping on the \”we can\’t trust these filthy Ay-rabs\” bandwagon (although obviously the criticism from the right is more toxic). George Bush, to his great credit (and that isn\’t something I say often), has stood up to this criticism. Hopefully, he\’ll continue to do so.

The Moderate Voice has a roundup of comment on this issue. TMV\’s article is reasonably sane and balanced; the mouth-breathing bigots it links to are generally not.

Those Iranian Holocaust cartoons

Danish paper Jyllands-Posten, being a right-wing tract that doesn\’t actually care about free speech, reneged on its original offer to print the Holocaust cartoons published in Iran\’s Hamshari newspaper. Pigdogfucker has no such qualms.

About half of the Iranian cartoons are Holocaust-denialist, and about half are saner works about Israel\’s status as racist oppressor and occupier. They are all offensive, to differing degrees, and they are all rubbish. They\’re arranged roughly in descending order of sanity over the fold.

More impressive and far funnier than the Iranian competition, though, is\’s take on the whole affair. It\’s run by a pair of Jewish cartoonists who feel that Jews ought to be far better than these Gentile upstarts at antisemitic cartoonery. If you\’re Jewish and fancy a bit of antisemitic scribbling, you\’ve got until March 5 to enter. I especially like this one.

So, what about those rubbish Iranian cartoons, then? – Continue reading

Jyllands Posten are a hypocritical bunch of cunts

The glorious Danish champion of free speech (as long as you\’re slating Mohammed and not Jesus), Jyllands-Posten, has fired its culture editor because he wanted to print the retaliatory Iranian cartoons about the Holocaust. This increases my respect for the culture editor substantially, and confirms my suspiction that the newspaper\’s management are a load of craven fuckwits.

The Holocaust and Mohammed should both be joked about. If you think that neither should be joked about, that\’s fair enough, although I\’d rather not go to the pub with you. If you think one should be joked about and not the other, then you\’re a disgusting hypocrite who thoroughly deserves to be gassed.

An actual free speech issue! Yay!

While we\’re all losing it over the Danes-with-offensive-and-shit-cartoons thing, Kitty Killer has details of a far more outlandish and egregious assault on free speech, perpetrated by a government-backed British institiution. Read. Be outraged. Forward to any journalists you might happen to know…


Pigdogfucker salutes Omar Khayam for an excellently provocative and taboo-breaking piece of performance art. And he\’s got a rubber yak.

Meanwhile, our prejudices about EU-haters being a co-extensional group with the dhimmification-loon brigade are confirmed: the EU Referendum blog has talked about little beyond the (let\’s be honest, entirely trivial) cartoon fuss for days. Their tasteful little cartoon of a dark-skinned chap painting horrific antisemitic propaganda while berating an innocent-looking white chap for drawing a picture of Mohammed is, erm, indicative.

The Arab press is occasionally guilty of antisemitic cartoonery – while the leading gallery thereof is curated by a complete paranoid loony, some of the images there are a bit off. The problem isn\’t that they portray Israeli leaders as murderous bastards: this is somewhere between true and untrue-but-not-racism. The problem is that some of them (actually a minority of the ones that the gallery is cross about, but still some) depict Israel using unpleasant Nazi-era Jewish stereotypes. Not ideal, although perhaps the fact that Israel keeps murdering Arabs excuses a bit of hyperbole here…

The Danish cartoons have very clearly confirmed one popular prejudice, which is that nobody Scandinavian will ever say or do anything amusing, except by mistake. As if to stake a claim for Holland\’s place in the same pantheon some Dutch dickhead has put together a bunch of cartoons which manage to be even more offensive and less funny (which is a hard combination to achieve) than the originals. Good effort, Netherlands bigot guy.

For really top-class comedy stunts, however, you need to turn to Hamas:

In August 2001, Hamas sent a suicide bomber into a Sbarro pizzeria in Jerusalem. He killed 15 innocent Israelis, mutilating many dozens more. A month later, Hamas student activists at al-Najah University in Nablus celebrated the attack with an exhibit, a mockup of the smashed Sbarro shop strewn with blood and fake body parts — a severed leg, still dressed in jeans; a human hand dangling from the ceiling. The inscription (with a reference to the Qassam military wing of Hamas) read: \”Qassami Pizza is more delicious.\”

Beat that, cloggies and Vikings…