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Free the horrible bigot

The BBC suggests that David Irving \”might appeal\”. I can\’t imagine David Irving appealing to anyone… But in some ways, Mr Irving\’s lack of positive qualities is unfortunate. It\’s harder to stand up for free speech when the person being oppressed is some dickhead for whom you have no personal sympathy – whether they\’re an ignorant Danish bigot or a Nazi-sympathising pseudo-historian.

Even though Mr Irving is awful, jailing someone for lying about historical facts is not a sane way to proceed – and rather than breaking with German-speaking Europe\’s historical tendency towards authoritarianism, Holocaust denial laws strengthen and emphasise it. The right way to deal with harmless loonies like David Irving is to mock them and to expose their lies for the nonsense that they are – and this has already happened. In the UK, people like Nick Griffin and Abu Hamza who try and raise mob riots are justly punished; people who merely say wrong and stupid things are not.

One thing I can\’t work out, though, is why Holocaust denial is treated so differently from other stupid and wrong takes on history. If Irving had been right, would that justify antisemitic attacks today? Of course not. Does the fact that the Holocaust did happen justify Israel\’s behaviour in Palestine? Of course not. Would the President of Iran\’s views on Israel be changed in the slightest if he believed in the Holocaust? Of course not.

Denying the Holocaust is like saying \”the US Civil War didn\’t happen! Union troops never burned the South!\” It\’s a nonsense claim, but not one that makes a blind bit of difference to anything (well, OK, you could reasonably expect a kicking in Mississippi/Tel Aviv, but that\’s about it).

Jyllands Posten are a hypocritical bunch of cunts

The glorious Danish champion of free speech (as long as you\’re slating Mohammed and not Jesus), Jyllands-Posten, has fired its culture editor because he wanted to print the retaliatory Iranian cartoons about the Holocaust. This increases my respect for the culture editor substantially, and confirms my suspiction that the newspaper\’s management are a load of craven fuckwits.

The Holocaust and Mohammed should both be joked about. If you think that neither should be joked about, that\’s fair enough, although I\’d rather not go to the pub with you. If you think one should be joked about and not the other, then you\’re a disgusting hypocrite who thoroughly deserves to be gassed.


Pigdogfucker salutes Omar Khayam for an excellently provocative and taboo-breaking piece of performance art. And he\’s got a rubber yak.

Meanwhile, our prejudices about EU-haters being a co-extensional group with the dhimmification-loon brigade are confirmed: the EU Referendum blog has talked about little beyond the (let\’s be honest, entirely trivial) cartoon fuss for days. Their tasteful little cartoon of a dark-skinned chap painting horrific antisemitic propaganda while berating an innocent-looking white chap for drawing a picture of Mohammed is, erm, indicative.

The Arab press is occasionally guilty of antisemitic cartoonery – while the leading gallery thereof is curated by a complete paranoid loony, some of the images there are a bit off. The problem isn\’t that they portray Israeli leaders as murderous bastards: this is somewhere between true and untrue-but-not-racism. The problem is that some of them (actually a minority of the ones that the gallery is cross about, but still some) depict Israel using unpleasant Nazi-era Jewish stereotypes. Not ideal, although perhaps the fact that Israel keeps murdering Arabs excuses a bit of hyperbole here…

The Danish cartoons have very clearly confirmed one popular prejudice, which is that nobody Scandinavian will ever say or do anything amusing, except by mistake. As if to stake a claim for Holland\’s place in the same pantheon some Dutch dickhead has put together a bunch of cartoons which manage to be even more offensive and less funny (which is a hard combination to achieve) than the originals. Good effort, Netherlands bigot guy.

For really top-class comedy stunts, however, you need to turn to Hamas:

In August 2001, Hamas sent a suicide bomber into a Sbarro pizzeria in Jerusalem. He killed 15 innocent Israelis, mutilating many dozens more. A month later, Hamas student activists at al-Najah University in Nablus celebrated the attack with an exhibit, a mockup of the smashed Sbarro shop strewn with blood and fake body parts — a severed leg, still dressed in jeans; a human hand dangling from the ceiling. The inscription (with a reference to the Qassam military wing of Hamas) read: \”Qassami Pizza is more delicious.\”

Beat that, cloggies and Vikings…

Ah, shut up with your Rachels

If anyone else approvingly cites Tom Gross\’s repetitive point about the PR that murdered-by-Israeli-state Rachel Corrie gets compared with assorted murdered-by-exploding-fanatics Rachels, then you have my express permission to run them over with a bulldozer.

Maniacs kill people and always will. This is sad and a problem, but fundamentally boring. However, we don\’t expect nominally civilised governments like Israel to slaughter unarmed civilians (quite why we don\’t expect Israel to slaughter unarmed civilians is less clear, but that\’s a point for another day), so it\’s interesting when they do. Why d\’you think Steve Biko gets more PR than, say, Nelson Chisale? Or come to that, why Jean Charles de Menezes gets more PR than James Adams?

Actually, I guess if you\’re the kind of person who believes that Rachel Corrie still gets PR when suicide bombing victims don\’t because everyone on the left is a crazed antisemite, you probably also don\’t understand why De Menezes gets that much attention. Sigh…

I know I shouldn\’t do this, but sometimes there\’s no option

Compare and contrast these two links to cartoons from one of the pro-war right\’s leading weblogs: one to a cartoon that depicts Ariel Sharon as a duplicitious torturer, and one to a cartoon that depicts the British Army assassinating beloved cartoon characters in order to appease Muslims.

Now, the Sharon cartoon is a bit dodgy: while Arik is indubitably a duplicitous torturer, the cartoon probably takes the Jewish stereotypical features too far. But fucking hell, the Piglet cartoon is sheer mentalism: we\’re locking Muslims up, not appeasing them (and the original source story was fictional in the first place – the Sun took a true story about some Muslims being upset about being sent porcine stress-toys, and turned it into a racist lie about how Muslims were seeking to ban everyone from everything pigular.)

Guess which cartoon the site condemns and which it praises? Well, don\’t bother actually – you know the answer…