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Violent Buddhist militants

Sunny has spotted a sectarian riot in Sri Lanka, started by angry pro-war Buddhist monks. This can be placed alongside the Buddhist terrorists I identified a few months ago. Why won\’t the public wake up to the serious threat posed by fundamentalist Buddhism?


…and indeed, irrelevant. Top quality puerile amusement, however.

Hooray for America!

Good news: they\’re arming both sides. Now, if only they\’d give Hizbollah $5 billion a year in aid as well, there\’d be some kind of level killing field.


If you\’re the kind of mad bastard who thinks it matters at-all-even-slightly-ever that Reuters bought a photo of the destruction in Lebanon that featured Photoshop-enhanced smoke, I hope you lose your eyes and teeth in a bizarre sailing accident.

I mean, what gives? Israel is merrily genociding the Lebanese population, and what you\’re worrying about is some daft stringer making his photo more dramatic so the picture agencies will buy it? Yeah, that\’s the fucking moral scandal. Obviously.

Fair, proportionate, etc.

Some terrorists capture one single foreign soldier. That soldier\’s country responds by invading and killing everyone in sight in the vague hope of retrieving him. They bomb the fuck out of bridges and power stations, presumably just in case he\’s being hidden there. What does this say about the character of the people running the soldier\’s country?

In some ways, it\’s sad that the Palestinians have agreed to tolerate Israel\’s existence

Publishing excerpts from horrible loons is too easy

…but nonetheless amusing:

This Islam Expo event is nothing more than a revival meeting for Lucifer. They won\’t tell you that since they are deceived and don\’t know it; so you won\’t see any banners hailing Satan, but you might see banners hailing Allah. And that is not far off the mark.

A revival meeting for Lucifer sounds far more fun than a well-meaning but tedious procession of worthies. I can see why the LGF lot need to invent this rubbish – such delusions must make their lives more interesting. See also Mel P (shit, I lost the game).

A bit less assymmetrical

In a pleasant change from being shot with American-made artillery shells while only having sticks and stones to defend themselves, the Palestinians have (at least, so they claim) developed chemical and biological weapons.

I\’d recommend a focus on poison gas, if only because it would provoke the funniest reactions on LGF. My tenner\’s on \”It\’s a new Holocaust and the Palis are the new Nazis, therefore we need to fight a new WWII until they\’re all dead like Hitler\”.

Update: \”jihad-genocide\” just on the news of the threat. We have a winner…

Sane and balanced

Someone vaguely affilliated with Reuters has sent one of the world\’s most despicable cunts – Charles Johnson from LGF – an anonymous email saying:

I look forward to the day when you pigs get your throats cut….

Mr Johnson, being a despicable cunt, decided to pursue and persecute the sender of this message, rather than ignoring it like a sane person. The net result was a) a great deal of time wasted by all concerned; b) some poor techie getting suspended from his job c) Mr Johnson trying to frame pro-Palestinian writer Inayat Bunglawa for the message, even though Reuters had explicitly stated the person suspended was not an editiorial employee.

All very silly.

The main point, though, is that you\’d need a heart of stone not to look forward to the day when Charles Johnson, who is a despicable cunt, gets his throat cut. I\’d seriously question the judgement (and indeed the humanity) of someone whose heart failed to soar with delight in the event that Mr Johnson suffered a horrible death…

Islam: a uniquely vicious religion

The latest suicide bombing might purport to have been carried out by a secular-Hindu, but that\’s just just a fiendish Islamist plot. We all know that only Muslims carry out suicide bombings, because only Islam is that barbaric. 

Wafa Sultan is an ignorant moron

Right-wing pro-Zionists tend to apply the epiphet \”self-hating Jew\” to anyone of Jewish extraction who doesn\’t believe Israel has the right to do whatever the fuck it wants to whoever the fuck it wants.

Purely because of this unpleasant heritage, I\’m not going to refer to Arab-American writer Wafa Sultan as a \”self-hating Arab\”, despite the fact that in her case it would be true. The rant is amazing – like LGF, but by someone from an Arab background. In many ways, she\’s a credit to America\’s indoctrination system. Although her knowledge of the history of inter-community violence is a little limited:

We have not seen a single Jew destroy a church. We have not seen a single Jew protest by killing people. The Muslims have turned three Buddha statues into rubble. We have not seen a single Buddhist burn down a Mosque, kill a Muslim, or burn down an embassy

Some Jews destroy a church. A Jew protests by killing people. Some Buddhists burn down a mosque. Some Buddhists kill some Muslims. OK, I\’ll grant her the embassy one.