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Bollocks about Ken

I\’m slightly grumpy about the mayoral election, given that it\’s a choice between an utter, utter cunt and a machine politician who\’s been in power for too long.

However, this sort of demented loonery makes me increasingly keen to go out there and vote, not just against Boris, but actually for Ken.

Anyone who conflates support of the Palestinians or dislike of the neocon \”let\’s demonise the Muslims, yay\” project with antisemitism is infinitely more bigoted and more insane than Ken will ever be.

And anyone who thinks that, in a run-off between a Jew who works for a Nazi rag [*] and someone who criticises said Jew for working for a Nazi rag, the critic is the one in the wrong is, well, just a cunt really.

[*] the Mail supported Hitler and the blackshirts. If that doesn\’t make it a Nazi rag in your world, then you\’re Max Moseley and you should probably get back to your holocaust fetish night.

Too little too late…?

From the amusing Catholic Church PR man love rat libel case:

But when she discovered a week later that she was pregnant with twins, he began to withdraw, the court heard.

I know that\’s what Catholics are supposed to do, but I think the idea is that you do it before you get her pregnant…

Why I find it hard to dislike the Archbishop

As long as ignorant cunts talk this kind of shit:

Why is McDonald’s considering and even trialling Halal meat in a Christian country? I find this grossly inconsiderate to the majority of the English people who are Christian and would have issues with eating meat prepared in such a way

…I\’m going to be on the side of the likes of Rowan Williams purely on an \”enemy of my enemy\” basis.

1) halal animals do not suffer any more than conventionally-killed animals. If you cut something\’s throat with a sharp knife, it loses consciousness long before the pain from the throat wound cuts in;

2) if you give even the slightest flying fuck about animal welfare (rather than just about sticking it to the darkies), you won\’t be eating at Maccy D\’s anyway;

3) Jesus stated quite explicitly that Christians are not bound by dietary rules and are allowed to eat meat prepared along the lines of any other creed, Jewish or Roman. While Mohammed wasn\’t about in Jesus\’s day, given that halal is a toned-down version of kosher it seems unlikely that the lovey-dovey beardie chap would\’ve been too grumpy about the whole thing.

If you\’re a vegetarian [*], you\’ve every right to criticise halal. If you only eat super-turbo-happy-meat and have got some in-depth scientific research which confirms that having your throat cut is much much worse than being shot in the head with a bolt gun, then you\’ve some right to criticise halal. If you\’re neither, you\’ve every right to fuck off and die.

[*] perhaps \”if you\’re a vegetarian who doesn\’t drink industrially-produced milk or eat industrially-produced cheese\”: a free-range-but-halal-killed animal has a much better life and death than an industrially-farmed dairy cow.

Yay for judges

Thoughtcrime has been decriminalised again, even for brown chaps with beards.

If you disapprove of this Out Of Touch Liberal Setting Evil Bastards Who Hate Us Free-ness, and wish that these chaps (along with anyone else who\’s ever read anything you disapprove of) could be clapped right back in chokey, they you thoroughly deserve to be exploded, decapitated, gang-raped, halal-ed, and generally everything else that you\’re paranoid the darkies will do to you unless we keep them under lock and key…

Sharia quiz

Which westernised country already has a parallel sharia law system in place for its Muslim minority inhabitants to use, if they so desire?

And why aren\’t the likes of Melanie Phillips up in arms about said country\’s craven surrender to the forces of dhimmitude and generally letting-the-side-down?

Oh, that\’ll be why, then…

Via Dan. Relatedly, this comment is a particularly good summary of the \”I am an ignorant bigot and will spout on about grand principles about which I know fuck all\” school of argument:

Why can we not say definitively and without equivocation that a bed rock principle of a liberal democracy is that there is only one law and that all are subject to and equal under it?

Err, perhaps because that has never been the case anywhere, either de jure or de facto, and never will be the case anywhere? So assuming you want to accept the existence of such a thing as a liberal democracy, you\’d probably best find a different bedrock…

First they came for the despicable cunts…

Following medical advice, I\’ve stopped reading or attempting to argue with the knuckle-dragging baboons who make up the UK\’s extreme right. Therefore, I\’ve managed to avoid blogger Lionheart, who posts insane lying paranoid bollocks about Teh Evil Muslim Threat.

Unfortunately, Mr Lionheart has received word from the police that he is being investigated on suspicion of incitement to racial hatred, and should report to a cop shop forthwith to discuss matters with Inspector Knacker.

This is about as strong a test of freedom of speech principles as you can imagine… on the one hand, Mr Lionheart is a bitter, twisted and deranged man who spreads poisonous lies about a minority group [*] – and indeed, a man who thinks that Muslims ought to be locked up for hate speech against non-Muslims. On the other hand, the guy is writing crap on a blog, not addressing a public meeting of violent loonies.

Overall, much as it would be gratifying to see the cunt locked up for a good long time [**], it probably behoves those of us who aren\’t mad (irrespective of our political views) to oppose his arrest. After all, next time it could be someone who isn\’t a poisonous evil bastard…

[via ; also]

Update: Dsquared in the comments makes the reasonable point that in general, making false accusations of paedophilia is treated by the police as a public order offence following the News of the World riots early this decade. Since Lionheart\’s blog is devoted to pretending that the main threat to our children is in being gang-raped by dark deviant brown-skinned Islamists, this sounds like a reasonable point… Lesson: defame whatever group you like online, but don\’t call them a bunch of nonces.

[*] There is a very strong similarity between the kind of \”they\’ll sell your children into sex slavery, murder them and make them into kebabs\” mythology that has become popular among BNP fringes lately, and the mythology spread about the Jews in 1800s and 1900s continental Europe. I\’m not saying the Muslims in modern Britain are in the same position – but I\’m definitely saying I\’d put a very large bet on knowing which political party Mr Lionheart would\’ve supported if he\’d been in Berlin in 1933…

[**] Mr Lionheart appears to believe that \”This charge if found guilty carries a lengthy prison sentence, more than what most paedophiles and rapists receive\”. The maximum sentence for incitement to racial hatred is seven years; the maximum sentence for rape (including sex with a child under 13) is life; the maximum sentence for sex with a child aged 13-15 is 14 years. This would appear to suggest that Mr Lionheart is a gibbering fuckwit; a conclusion hardly at odds with the rest of the evidence…

Fucking justice yeah

So the poor sods who got locked up in Guantanamo for four-and-a-half years for once vaguely having looked at a chap whose brother knew an Evil Terrorist Wot Is Going To Kill Us All return, only to be arrested under the little-known No Smoke Without Fire Act 2005.

Can we not just fucking leave it out? [and yes, to you anti-Europeans: I entirely accept that the Spanish are being even worse than us on this one, and that if we didn\’t have European Arrest Warrants and extradition treaties then these guys would be in a better position…]

Obligatory Teddygate post

Aqoul has a good take on the Sudan Mohammed-teddy story, looking at the wider political background driving the apparent (and indeed, actual) lunacy.

Commenter Abu Sinan has an even better point, that I\’d vaguely wondered about before but not explored because I\’d assumed I was just being ignorant about Islam:

Some Muslims \”veneration\” for the Prophet Mohammed is way over the top. They almost worship him in the manner that Christians worship Jesus. Mohammed is not God, but from the way some Muslims act about him, you\’d be hard pressed to know it.

I had asked before what would have happened if a bear was named Issa or Musa, would the idiots have had an issue then? Seeing that the \”Muslim\” bear in the link is named \”Adam\”, the first Prophet, then it seems, once against Mohammed is being held to a higher standard than other Prophets.

Either it is blasphemy for all Prophets, or for non..

The way they treat Mohammed borders on shirk [idolatry/heresy], not to mention it makes them look like eejits.

Ditto the cartoon scandal. The only positions you can take under which it\’s blasphemous to draw cartoons of Mohammed are that either it\’s blasphemous to draw cartoons of anyone made by your god, or that Mohammed is your god. So assuming you\’re not a shirker [lolz], you\’re stuck with either jihad against all comics ever, or a nice cup of shut-the-fuck-up.

I guess it\’s not that surprising that head-chopping self-exploding nutjobs know even less about their own religion than sarcastic atheist cunts on the Internet, but still…

Catholic Church in \”bunch of despicable scumbags\” shock

Remember the Spanish Civil War? You know, the one where idealistic lefties backed by sane liberals everywhere fought against an evil fascist bastard backed by Hitler and the Catholic Church?

One might have thought that, having explicitly supported Franco and tacitly supported Hitler, and given the Hitler Youth background that Pope Ratzo claims he didn\’t really mean, the Catholics would be keen to play down their contribution to total and utter evil during the 1930s and 1940s. Hell, maybe even to apologise for backing the most evil people ever?

But no, not a bit of it. The Vatican is holiding a ceremony to honour Catholics who died fighting on the fascist side in the Spanish Civil War. Exclusively the ones who fought on the fascist side. What an awful bunch of cunts.

I wish we\’d been more successful at burning the fuckers alive when we still went in for that sort of thing. Or ideally, that we could bring that sort of thing back…