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Christmas \’are you a cunt?\’ test

Excellently, Channel 4 is getting the Iranian president, Mr I\’m A Dinner Jacket, to present its Alternative Christmas Message.

Now, we all know Mr Jacket is a loony. So opinions on the matter will be split broadly into \’people who know Mr Jacket is a loony but think it\’s fucking hilarious\’, \’people who know Mr Jacket is a loony but don\’t give a fuck either way\’, and \’utter cunts who\’ll get wound up by Channel 4 giving a PLATFORM!!! to this EVIL!!! HOLOCAUST DENYING!!! ANTISEMITIC!!!…etc\’.

The Guardian piece linked above has a nice selection of the final group, exemplified by:

Incredible that they wouldn\’t dream of George Bush (senior or junior) giving the address (thank goodness) so why go to this ridiculous extreme? A religious bigot from a hardline theocracy broadcasting on UK television, full of views that would destroy the very framework that allows such a channel to exist….Pim Fortuyn, you are sorely missed.

That particular comment has two excellent additional traits. One is the current right-wing bigot fad of pretending the reason they hate the darkies is because the darkies represent a threat to liberalism, exemplified precisely by Mr Fortuyn [*]; and the other is the implicit recognition that GWB is pretty much as bad as Mr Jacket…

[*] murdered by a secular white loony, lest we forget.

Update: somewhat disappointingly, the speech was nicey-nicey C-of-E moderate religiousness, rather than foam-flecked calls for the destruction of Israel and worldwide Islamic revolution. It\’s almost as if the US government\’s attempts to demonise Iran and its rulers ahead of their attempted war were ridiculous exaggerated bollocks, or something…

Always sane, always balanced

Whining lying thieving pikey cunts; gas the lot of them:

\”We are the last group of people in this country who you can openly mock and make racist jokes about – who else is there?\”

Fuck off and tarmac my driveway. You\’re not a race, you\’re just a bunch of navvies who couldn\’t be arsed to settle down and get jobs when they stopped building railways…

Fucking justice yeah

So the poor sods who got locked up in Guantanamo for four-and-a-half years for once vaguely having looked at a chap whose brother knew an Evil Terrorist Wot Is Going To Kill Us All return, only to be arrested under the little-known No Smoke Without Fire Act 2005.

Can we not just fucking leave it out? [and yes, to you anti-Europeans: I entirely accept that the Spanish are being even worse than us on this one, and that if we didn\’t have European Arrest Warrants and extradition treaties then these guys would be in a better position…]

Defaming a syrup

A Tory councillor has got into some trouble for making the following statement:

\”There are all different sorts of w*gs here, I don\’t differentiate between them but treat them all as though they were English\”.

Now, I don\’t approve of the sentiment of treating wigs as English. They\’re a shamefully foreign innovation, pushed by effete Frenchmen and ginger Scots. I\’m glad to see Mr Cameron\’s modern Conservatives taking a stand against the wiggy menace, doubtly emboldened by Dave\’s fine head of proper English hair, and kicking the speaker out of the party.
Nonetheless, it\’s a sad day for free speech when a local newspaper is so offended by the connotations of the word \”wig\” that it feels obliged to censor it from publication. I may disapprove of wigs, but I\’d defend to my death your right to mention them…

Blogging in China

Well, PDF has fucked off somewhere, so you\’ve got a few stand-ins for a little while. Don\’t expect much improvement in tone though. I thought I\’d kick this off by pimping a site I regualrly read. More proof that the Chinese government are a bunch of cunts, as if any were really needed. The plan is to force all Chinese bloggers to register their real name with the government. As the article says,

though a law\’s unworkability is no guarantee that it won\’t be passed

Too true. –Doormat

We like Chavez

Not content with alleviating poverty in Venezuela, he\’s now decided to alleviate it in New York. Good effort, Yank-baiting semi-dictator dude.

Compare and contrast

Execution. Execution. Freedom.

A resounding moral victory for liberal democratic capitalism, wouldn\’t you say?

Hey Hugo you\’re so fine

Things we like: a) pissing off blinkered mental We Hate The Communists Yanks b) developing-world leaders hilariously beating the West at its own game. Therefore, Hugo Chavez\’s idea of telling the Yanks that if they refuse to service his military jets then he\’ll give them to the Chinese and the Cubans is among the best and most hilarious policy moves of recent times. Viva la revolution!

Cold dead hands

Brazilians want to keep guns legal. Fair enough: at least it gives them the opportunity to fight back when policemen try to shoot them in the head.