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La haine

What the hell is going on in France? Whatever, I\’m reasonably sure that it\’s Sarkozy\’s fault – a displaced Blunkett if I ever saw one…

Hey Hugo you\’re so fine

Things we like: a) pissing off blinkered mental We Hate The Communists Yanks b) developing-world leaders hilariously beating the West at its own game. Therefore, Hugo Chavez\’s idea of telling the Yanks that if they refuse to service his military jets then he\’ll give them to the Chinese and the Cubans is among the best and most hilarious policy moves of recent times. Viva la revolution!

The 18:46 Virgin train to Cuba

This is a brilliant story. It features a triumph of 1960s British engineering (seriously – Class 47 trains are still running here…) combined with a triumph of Castro-aiding Yank-fucking-off skullduggery. What\’s not to like?

Long-stay parking

Great respect to newly-dead Rosa Parks, who sat down for her rights. And inspired the most brilliantly inappropriate tribute song.

Cold dead hands

Brazilians want to keep guns legal. Fair enough: at least it gives them the opportunity to fight back when policemen try to shoot them in the head.

Fucking ungrateful cocksuckers

Why does the world hate America? Buggered if I know.

Desktop spycam

Google Earth is an excellent thing. Not just generally, but also because of its amateur espionage properties. Only a generation ago, military facilities were considered so secret and important that they were kept off maps; now anyone in the world can view hi-res photographs from their PC. This is progress (and like most progress, it\’s happened despite the efforts of politicians and pompous fools to stop it).

\’Ave it, you laaaags

We like the EU\’s plans to allow prisoners to vote. They\’ll annoy everyone who deserves to be annoyed, while also hopefully very slightly tempering the voting public\’s batshit crazy attitudes towards crime and punishment.

The changes should provide interesting scope for gerrymandering as well. Has anyone surveyed prisoners on political affiliation? I assume the majority are Labour if anyone, so a few prisons bunged in Lab/Con marginals would help ensure (as if it were needed) that the daft Tory fuckers don\’t get in.