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States rights my hairy arse

One of the things that right-wingers generally say about conservative judges in the US is that they respect the Constitution – and in particular the autonomy of the states – more than their liberal(ish) counterparts.

Look at the list of dissenters in the (sensible overall) Supreme Court decision on euthanasia, and you\’ll realise that this is clearly bollocks.


This sounds like an interesting challenge. Not necessarily a possible challenge, but an interesting challenge nonetheless.

Watch and learn

If our public information films were as hardcore as the ones the Australians make, then there\’s a reasonable chance that fewer idiots would die or kill on level crossings. I\’m not easily disturbed, but these are easily disturbing.

Three cheers for the EU

If you buy a train ticket and the train company cancels the last scheduled train, they are obliged to sort you out with a taxi home, or accommodation if they can\’t get you home.

Making airlines do the same seems like a sensible move, and the people whining that it\’s an outrageous imposition on the free market seem like dickheads. Or at least, people who\’ve never been forced to buy a £200 last-minute flight home and an £80 taxi after their budget airline baled on them…

And in the event that this should drive budget airlines into penury – which is exceptionally unlikely, given their existing high margins – then at least it\’ll wipe the grin off that horrible smug O\’Leary bastard\’s face. Which is worthwhile at any price.

Bad/not bad

You\’re discriminated against because of your gender. Your boss bars you from socializing with clients. You are not promoted into positions that your record and personality show you can easily do.

Not bad:
Some of your colleagues go to strip clubs and sleep with prostitutes. None of your colleagues stop you from going, or compel you to go, to strip clubs. Your willingness to sleep with prostitutes is not viewed as a promotional criterion.

You\’re incapable of differentiating between the two situations above.

See also all the plaintiffs, lawyers and defendants in this lawsuit.

Greasy dagoes *will* rape your womenfolk

Oh, come on: the Express are just taking the piss now:

Chained dancing bears

Bullying the neighbours is a traditional sport in Russia – so it\’s no wonder that after the Ukrainians decided to go pro-Western, the Russians decided to make them freeze by cutting off their gas.

However, it\’s interesting to see that, because Russia is so poor and dependent on the West for everything, the Kremlin effectively backed down. The new gas price is in line with Ukraine\’s demands, not with Russia\’s intentions.

So as long as Russia remains poor, Europe\’s energy supplies are safe. It\’s lucky, then, that any prospect of liberal reform has been replaced in that country\’s electoral landscape by populist, militaristic strongmen like Vladimir Putin…

Name names, Mr Lobbyist

OK, can we get these corrupt Republican bastards thrown in jail in time for the mid-terms?