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Three cheers for the EU

If you buy a train ticket and the train company cancels the last scheduled train, they are obliged to sort you out with a taxi home, or accommodation if they can\’t get you home.

Making airlines do the same seems like a sensible move, and the people whining that it\’s an outrageous imposition on the free market seem like dickheads. Or at least, people who\’ve never been forced to buy a £200 last-minute flight home and an £80 taxi after their budget airline baled on them…

And in the event that this should drive budget airlines into penury – which is exceptionally unlikely, given their existing high margins – then at least it\’ll wipe the grin off that horrible smug O\’Leary bastard\’s face. Which is worthwhile at any price.

Greasy dagoes *will* rape your womenfolk

Oh, come on: the Express are just taking the piss now:

\’Ave it, you laaaags

We like the EU\’s plans to allow prisoners to vote. They\’ll annoy everyone who deserves to be annoyed, while also hopefully very slightly tempering the voting public\’s batshit crazy attitudes towards crime and punishment.

The changes should provide interesting scope for gerrymandering as well. Has anyone surveyed prisoners on political affiliation? I assume the majority are Labour if anyone, so a few prisons bunged in Lab/Con marginals would help ensure (as if it were needed) that the daft Tory fuckers don\’t get in.