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TraceRT is not a crime

Everyone responsible for maintaining the UK tsunami appeal website (along with a sizeable proportion of police computer crime experts and CPS lawyers) should be summarily hanged. As should every MP who voted for the Computer Misuse Act 1990.

Libertarians would agree here, on the grounds that the website transferred money out of the pockets of British consumers as retailers approached the tough time of January, and instead gave it to ill-deserving ex-colonials. Indeed, they\’d probably cite detailed economic surveys showing that if you really want to help poor people in the Third World, you should steal all their money and sell them into slavery, and that Third World poverty would have been solved long ago but for bleeding heart liberals like William Wilberforce.
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\’Ave it, you laaaags

We like the EU\’s plans to allow prisoners to vote. They\’ll annoy everyone who deserves to be annoyed, while also hopefully very slightly tempering the voting public\’s batshit crazy attitudes towards crime and punishment.

The changes should provide interesting scope for gerrymandering as well. Has anyone surveyed prisoners on political affiliation? I assume the majority are Labour if anyone, so a few prisons bunged in Lab/Con marginals would help ensure (as if it were needed) that the daft Tory fuckers don\’t get in.