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I hope Ann Sumner gets murdered next time

We\’ve all been stupidly drunk. If you haven\’t, you\’re a tedious cunt and can fuck right off.

We were all arseholes when we were 20. If you think you weren\’t, that strongly suggests that you\’re still one.

So if a very drunk 20-year-old student passes out in the street to be woken up by an enormous, hideous dyke (judging solely by appearance here, no interest and mild revulsion to think of Sumner\’s sexual proclivities), and she lashes out at the woman in question whilst semi-conscious, then *so fucking what*?

Of course, because of Booze Britain paranoia, some cunt of a magistrate sent the poor girl to jail. Fortunately, a sensible judge suspended the sentence on appeal.

Now, if someone who was basically a good kid but was blind drunk assaulted me, caused no permanent harm, and was sorry, then I\’d make a speech to the court begging them not to jail her. Because I\’m not an *evil, vindictive bastard*, and I understand that that\’s the way it fucking goes.

Instead of which, Ann Sumner – who is 42 years old – says, \”I\’m really disappointed, everyone has been talking to me about the sentence… if anything people have been telling me they think the sentence was too short… As far as I\’m concerned she has admitted the crime now she should be doing the time.”

Fuck her. I hope she dies, preferably in a great deal of pain.


Denise Fergus: horrendous beast

Wouldn\’t it be nice if loathsome witch Denise Fergus were to be burned at the state, or cheese-grated to death, or boiled alive (starting from cold, obviously)?

If all of her revolting sympathisers, sycophants and apologists – and indeed, everyone who thinks that torturing children is the most appropriate solution to youth crime – were to meet the same fate, then the world would be a far better place.

However, that would involve adults taking responsibility for their own failings, rather than blaming them on EVIL DEVIL KIDS. For example, if Ms Fergus were able to drop the mediaeval rhetoric on the boys\’ evilness for ten fucking seconds, she might have to reflect on the fact that were she not an appallingly bad mother, her son would still be alive.

On the plus side for the rest of us, given that Ms Fergus encapsulates all the most unedifying traits of the British character (ie she\’s a thick vindictive ugly witch with no sense of personal responsibility or concept of forgiveness. And has a hideous grating voice that\’d make you want to remove your own ears even if she were reciting brilliant poetry), at least her bad parenting contributed to removing her son from the gene pool.

Two final, related points:
1) this blog\’s considered opinion on Maggie Atkinson is that she is Absolutely Fucking Excellent. She\’s the children\’s commissioner, not the \”stupid adults who still whinge on forever about shit that happened 20 years ago\” commissioner.

2) delighted to see that Sara Payne remains gravely ill and close to death. The champers is still on ice for Thatcher, but this one\’s definitely worth a cold beer.

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Thought experiment

Imagine a world where all non-violent crimes were civil, rather than criminal, offences.

There are some fairly obvious ways in which this would be better than the current world. I\’m struggling to think of any ways in which it\’d be worse.

(\”rich idiots who trust Madoff characters lose their money\” is a feature, not a bug)

Philosophical statement

Losing some money is a mild pain in the arse; going to jail is unutterably horrible. I don’t, and never will, understand why people think the latter is an appropriate punishment for inflicting the former (in the absence of violence, threats and/or home invasion).

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Deporting people to the States

So Gary McKinnon\’s apparently off to a US jail forever for doing fuck all. Hurrah!

It\’s interesting – both on the NatWest case and this case, opinion seemed broadly divided between:

1) people who think it\’s possible to get a fair trial in the US
2) people who understand the US judicial system

Why\’s that? Well, the US judicial system has two features that come together to make fair trials for non-violent crime impossible: very very long sentences for trivial offences; and discounts for pleading guilty that can amount to cutting your sentence by 90%.

So in the UK, if you were accused of conning your employer out of a million quid, or of hacking the military\’s computers, you\’d be looking at a sentence of a few years maximum. Which would be fair, as you wouldn\’t actually have done anyone any real harm. A guilty plea would get you 1/3 off your final sentence – so if you\’re not guilty but there\’s some circumstantial evidence against you, or if you are technically guilty but think a jury would go your way, then it\’s still worth fighting.

In the US, you can be charged initially with counts that would leave you in jail for the rest of your natural. Remember, this is *for nicking a bit of cash*, or *for some not-super-complex hackery* – if you think that\’s fair and proportionate YOU ARE INSANE. But then, the kindly prosecutor-man will offer you a sentence which is only slightly longer than you\’d get in the UK, as long as you plead guilty to everything.

This effectively means that, if prosecuted for a non-violent criminal offence in the US (they can\’t get away with the same kind of sentencing discounts for violent crime, on the grounds that the long starting points there aren\’t totally insane), your only reasonable strategy is to plead guilty.

And that isn\’t a judicial system to which we should be sending people at all, never mind on the basis of nothing as per the current system.

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A family that needs murdering

…as does whichever cunt in the CPS pressed charges:

The photographer, Pericles Antoniou, 53, was on holiday in London with his family when, on 17 April, he was arrested in the London tube by police officers. Antoniou, as he described the event in a letter to the Greek ambassador in London, was on his way to visit the photo exhibition of Russian photographer and painter Rochenko when he started taking pictures of people in the London tube.

‘A lady complained about the fact that I was taking photos of her daughter,’ wrote Antoniou. ‘I apologized immediately, as the ethics and common practice of photographers dictates, I showed the lady the photos I had taken of her daughter, and I erased every photo which contained her.’

However, a man claiming to be the girl’s father pursued the Greek photographer and asked police officers to arrest him. Antoniou has since been charged under the Public Order Act of 1986, articles 5 and 6 for ‘public harassment,\’ and causing \’alarm or distress.’

You can just picture the family who\’d do that, can\’t you? Neckless, tattooed Millwall fan for a dad; screeching chain-smoking harpy for a mum; paranoid that WEIRD FOREIGN PEEEEEDOS are out to get their grossly obese, barely sentient daughter. \”Ya caaan\’t take her fackin\’ picture, it\’s against our bleedin\’ \’uman rights, ya bubble caaant…\’. If they lived in Portsmouth, there\’d be half a dozen paediatricians buried under their patio.

Although, it\’s a shame Mr Antoniou is just an innocent foreign tourist and not a murdering paedophile. Given that little Waynetta will doubtless knock out dozens of equally appalling sproglings starting at the age of 12, a bit of preemptive burial-in-shallow-grave would be by far the best outcome for society…

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Sandpaper Johannes Mehserle to death

I don\’t normally approve of the death penalty, even for people who cold-bloodedly murder innocent unarmed civilians.

However, I\’ll happily make an exception for San Francisco cop Johannes Mehserle, who shot an unarmed, restrained man – Oscar Grant – in the back:

If anyone should murder Mr Mehserle, I\’ll throw a party in their honour. The more painful the murder, the better the party.

More here.

Update: apparently enterprising locals have already had much the same idea. Good.

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Upholding fine British traditions

Brian Moore\’s piece on Steven Gerrard\’s arrest mirrors my thoughts exactly.

The only other thing I\’d add is that this is another example of daft government controlfreakery. In the past, this is precisely the sort of trivial nobody-really-hurt, all-violence-thoroughly-consenting drunken punch-up that would\’ve been dealt with by arresting everyone and letting them go once they\’d sobered up.

Now, the rozzers more or less have to press charges, despite the fact that doing so will help absolutely nobody (well, it might help the \’victim\’ to claim some extra compo, which is presumably why he\’s pressing charges. Well, either that or he\’s just a cunt.)

And no, I\’m not a Liverpool fan, nor do I particularly give a shit about Steven Gerrard – just, I don\’t think bringing people into the criminal justice system for harmless alcohol-related disorder is a sensible use of resources, or terribly fair.

Update: apparently the \’victim\’ was a DJ called Marcus McGee. Good. I hate DJs, they\’re all smug arrogant cunts who deserve a thorough beating. Shame he didn\’t die.

Update 2: Not only was he a fucking DJ, he was a double-glazing salesman. Hahaha! And yes, it was indeed the \’victim\’ who started it. Hopefully a pack of angry Scousers will burn down his house.

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Newspapers make BNP cunts happy

5cc has a quality piece about the random, made-up lie that the Mumbai terrorists were brown British gentlemen, the tabloids\’ insane fixation thereon, and their complete non-denial when it turned out to be bollocks.

Fantastic. So we\’ve turned an actual \”Pakistan\’s secret service does vile murder against Indians, as they\’ve done non-stop for the last 50 years; film at 11\” story into a made-up \”the darkies will rise up and slaughter us in our beds\” story. That\’ll surely help with racial tension everywhere…

And people cuss Iran for being ropey

8-year-old charged with murder in the US. Fucking skills. I mean, seriously, nobody here is even thinking \’what the fuck, we can\’t sensibly hold a fucking 8-year-old responsible for murder\’ – they\’re keeping the fucking kid in the county jail. Just, fuck.

And yes, I know that our age of criminal responsibility is 10, and yes, I agree that that\’s to our utter shame and debasement (as demonstrated most obviously by the revolting circus of the James Bulger murder trial). But even so, fuck. If you think that criminalising children is in any way justifiable, I hope a gang of feral youths utterly murders you to death.

(and yes, I\’m well aware that the people most excised about the Baby P case are precisely the ones who were cheerleading for the lynching of the kids in the Bulger case. This is because everyone excised about the Baby P case, and about the Bulger case, is a loathsome, despicable, hypocritical bastard.)