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Worse than we thought

Sounds like Jean Charles de Menezes was actually murdered: the commanding officer never gave permission to shoot him, and freelance shooting-in-the-head-by-coppers is viewed as murder in this country. Hopefully the filthy bastards responsible will be jailed, beaten and never let out. More likely, they\’ll be \’early retired\’ on full pension…

French in \’stupid\’ shock

Sarkozy\’s approval rating is running at 57%. This is silly: he\’s not only nominally responsible (as Interior Minister) for some of the worst riots ever seen in Europe, he\’s also actually responsible for them, after going on TV when everything was dying down to fan the flames by claiming that Arabs were scum.

Mind, the French coppers, who are far worse thugs than you\’d find even in the Met, haven\’t helped either. It all goes to show that zero-tolerance-thug-smiting policing is a Bloody Stupid Idea; that if you support it you\’re not just a bloodthirsty callous maniac but also a bloodthirsty callous maniac who doesn\’t care about outcomes; and that The People should be kept as far away as possible from the making of criminal law.

Obviously, all of these were known before…

This is why it\’s important to *burn down* the mosque

The police? Acting like cocks? I\’m shocked. Shocked, I tell you…

The name\’s… oh, nevermind

The boy\’s name in this story is not in the least funny or inappropriate.

Emotional blackmail

\”Look at all the crying people who\’ve lost relatives. Look at the cute little orphaned girl presenting a flower to the Queen. Listen to the horrible emergency calls, and how distressed everyone was on July 7. Listen. Look. It\’s horrible, isn\’t it? And it\’s all those nasty terrorists\’ fault. Tony can keep you safe from the terrorists. Oh, that reminds me: I\’m sure we can count on your support for the mentalist draconian legislation we were having trouble passing…?\”


I guess the Sun couldn\’t really avoid covering the tabloid story of the year. It\’s so perfect… Indeed, I\’m increasingly suspicious that it\’s a set-up to gain PR for Eastenders and Murdoch.

La haine

What the hell is going on in France? Whatever, I\’m reasonably sure that it\’s Sarkozy\’s fault – a displaced Blunkett if I ever saw one…

Hey Hugo you\’re so fine

Things we like: a) pissing off blinkered mental We Hate The Communists Yanks b) developing-world leaders hilariously beating the West at its own game. Therefore, Hugo Chavez\’s idea of telling the Yanks that if they refuse to service his military jets then he\’ll give them to the Chinese and the Cubans is among the best and most hilarious policy moves of recent times. Viva la revolution!

Ah, David, we hardly knew thee

The phrase \”good riddance to bad rubbish\” has never been more apposite. But what plum quango jobs are free? Governor of Bosnia, anyone?