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Israel shows its commitment to the peace process

They\’ve arrested the PA\’s Minister for Jerusalem for having the wrong papers. Fucking top quality, arseholes. Do Hamas have an online donation form?

Gotta love consistency

According to a stalwart of the right-wing anti-Dhimmification blogosphere, \”when Christain Voice demonstrates against performances of JStO, they’re not opposing free speech, they’re exercising it\”.

But mysteriously, the Muslim anti-cartoon demonstrations are the opposite. Even though they\’re the same. Freaky, man. I think it\’s because the people doing the latter are weird, scary, foreign and brown, while Christian Voice are merely creepy.

If Islamic fundamentalists ever take control of the UK – yes, this is about as likely as alien space bats taking control of the UK, but occasionally I like to indulge the right-wingers\’ paranoid masturbatory fantasies – then the sole upside will be seeing the anti-Dhimmis\’ ceremonial decapitation.

\”Ha! We were right all along!\”, they\’ll cry. \”You said we were mad, but now we\’re glorious martyrs!\”. \”Yeah, whatever\”, I\’ll say, having avoided the same fate thanks to my trusty \”Dhimmitude for Dummies\” guide (issued to all members of the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy, obviously).

Because it only matters when the victims are rich and white

You know which group really annoys me?

People who think that the September 11 attacks were a uniquely horrible moment, with a mystical importance beyond the reactions they provoked. People who\’re willing to ignore thousands of years of human savagery and brutality, not to mention all the horrible abuses inflicted in ours and others\’ names in the last 50 years. People who think that somehow the fact that this time the innocent victims were American stockbrokers in a skyscraper makes the attack morally different from all the other abuses that have been perpetrated against civilians of all nationalities and classes.

People who talk crap like this, in short:

The images cant be swept under the carpet but equally they musnt be abused. They are a breakaway moment in history. The world pre 9/11 and the world after it.

Oh, fuck off. I can just about forgive this reaction in Americans – they have spent rather a long time cocooned from the suffering of people elsewhere, and the knowledge that they\’re just as vulnerable as El Salvadorians or Grenadans or Vietnamese must have come as a nasty shock. Among non-Americans, it\’s hysterical bullshit.

Dog! Stop eating documents!

I\’m impressed by these two galleries of re-captioned early 20th century comic books.

I\’m also impressed by their creator\’s (offensive, oddly enough) Hitler cartoons, and his Sex Offenders\’ Register joke. Good work, hairy Leningrad man.


If this website strikes a chord with you, then you\’re a cunt.

Anyone who doesn\’t understand the problem should reflect on the phrase \”without us you\’d be speaking German\”, and then briefly consider why Americans are so resoundingly hated in every country that they believe themselves to have bravely saved from a terrible fate.

I hope that isn\’t the route Denmark, or indeed anywhere else in Europe,. seriously wants to follow…

Another reason to love the BBC

When Rod Liddle was a Beeb producer, he didn\’t write crazy mental bigoted shit like this (full version here for non-registration-fans). Well, he did, but only harmlessly against the Countryside Alliance rather than descending into LGFoid race-baiting.

The difference between [moderate Muslims] and the Taleban is much as it was between Berlinguer and Stalin: one is more clubbable, more amenable, more like one of us. But the core ideology is the same.

Yes, Rod. And they\’re hiding under your beds.

Science commentator of the year

Environmental writer Donnachadh McCarthy obeys the laws of thermodynamics:

Come to think of it, why doesn\’t somebody make an oven that doesn\’t go cold? Then instead of heating an oven to 400 degrees for two hours, you could heat it to 600 degrees, turn it off and let the food cook as the oven slowly cools down.

Why indeed?

On Ken and the Ambassador

The Friday Thing has a good way with words:

Really, when British troops are putting their lives on the line for American foreign policy, it would be quite nice if they\’d just shut the fuck up over loose change and pay what they owe. It really would.

In the meantime, here\’s to Ken. Long may he be a thorn in the side of chisellers, crooks and diplomats everywhere. Regardless of where they\’re from.

Although if they do happen to be right-wing Americans, all the better.

Are you a rapist?

If so, I strongly recommend you move to Gloucester, and get the fuck out of Northampton. Do you think this is why Fred West was able to get away with it for so long?

Meanwhile in Edinburgh, you can\’t even get away with looking but not touching.