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Isn\’t this what the War on Terror is about?

The fact that Capita, administrator of the London congestion charge, has been attacked by a letter bomb proves beyond reasonable doubt that car drivers (or, as we like to call them, Kar-animals) are a threat to western society and must be wiped out.

If moderate members of the car-driving community (assuming such a creature can exist) do not immediately condemn the blast, denounce the car-worshipping, lawbreaking culture that led to it taking place, and grass up the culprits to the police, they should be deported or executed.

Why the press are evil, volume 1003

A new study has found that crime is falling and that people aren\’t especially scared of it.

Oddly enough, that\’s not even how the (lefty, pro-criminal, etc) Beeb reports it. I haven\’t bothered looking it up in the rightwingloony press…

A brief note on anti-Americanism

Hating individual people from the US for their nationality is wrong.

Hating the US itself, its actions overseas over the last 200 years [*], the evil bastards who run it, its belief that it\’s a force for good, and its belief that it can do anything it likes anywhere it likes to pursue these \’good\’ aims, is entirely right, proper and sensible.

If I met someone who was anti-American in the first sense, I\’d think they were a cunt. The same would be true for anyone who wasn\’t anti-American in the second sense.

[*] partial exception granted for its reluctant and delayed intervention in Europe 1941-45.

At the risk of turning into a BBC-slating lunatic…

There are some individuals whose lives are so important that they deserve reporting in national news media. However, Rick Stein\’s dog is not one of them.

And I say that as a fan of camp, drunk Mr Stein – after all, he\’s the best approximation we have, apart from Keith Floyd, to Keith Floyd.

Early nominee for the \”shit science writing of the year\” award

It\’s a BBC piece on a single-pixel digital camera, which gets around its obvious disability by using an enormous array of mirrors and complex software processing to capture an image through sequential snapshots.

This digital micromirror device, as it is known, consists of a million or more tiny mirrors each the size of a bacterium.

\”From that mirror array, we then focus the light through a second lens on to one single photo-detector – a single pixel.\”

As the light passes through the device, the millions of tiny mirrors are turned on and off at random in rapid succession.

Complex mathematics then interprets the signals assembling a high resolution image from the thousands of sequential single-pixel snapshots.

The camera is hooked up to a computer to display the captured image which can take minutes to construct.

This is rather clever, and rather cool, if somewhat irrelevant for non-specialist purposes (specialist purposes are imaginable, especially if the radiation being observed is not visible light and therefore involves a more expensive sensor than a standard camera one). However…

Although at the experimental stage at the moment, if the device ever makes it to market it could make digital cameras more efficient and dramatically improve battery life by doing away with the need to process and compress each image.


PDF 1, Reid 0

I\’m reminded by Obsolete of the universally reviled John Reid\’s scaremongering prediction that terrorists would ruin Christmas.

Irritatingly, I can\’t find the post where I offered a £100 bet to all comers that this absolutely wasn\’t going to happen. But I\’m fairly sure I actually did. Sadly, even the crazy people who believe in the \’terror threat\’ weren\’t willing to put the money up, so being right hasn\’t actually brought me any real benefits.

\’Twas ever so…

Foxy baby yeah

We all know Fox News is evil and that it lies ceaselessly (my recent favourites include \”accidentally\” referring to Barrack Obama as \’Osama\’ and to Mark Foley as a Democrat). We also all know that the Commentisfree comments are full of illiterate gibbering nutcases of various different hues and ideologies.

However, \’Lafayette\’ has a very good point:

I find it particularly rich to see British folks holding up Fox News as the prime example for why American media is horrible. Murdoch\’s formula for Fox is a simple one: take a British red-top and put it on American television.

I\’d be interested to see a comparison in lies-per-fact between Fox and the Sun. I\’d even consider doing it myself, except that reading the Sun tends to make me overly keen to exterminate the white working class.

Perhaps the most apt thing he\’s ever said

Stephen at Unspeak makes a valiant attempt at translating George Bush\’s recent speech into English. The highlight:

\”We go forward with trust that the Author of Liberty will guide us through these trying hours.\”

Translation: God help us.

It\’s funny, and/or terrifying, because it\’s true.

Disappointing extra letter Os

On reading this story, as with various others, I found myself tragically disappointed.

If we had a real leader of the opposition, he\’d engage in mass polygamous weddings, iron girls\’ breasts and go to jail for gay libel just as well as the people of south-west Africa…

It\’s all about entertainment

Unless you\’re Tony Blair\’s bum-chum, then you obviously accept that the BBC was right in the whole Hutton scenario, and that any suggestion otherwise is a whitewash. One of the more proficient Whitehall whitewashes, but a whitewash nontheless.

It\’s been pointed out that when the government cheated and lied in order to stitch up the BBC, having bribed Lord Hutton, the supposed checks and balances went for slaughtering everyone concerned – and Greg Dyke also resigned.

Despite sharing responsibility for the far worse fuckup of, err, Iraq, Gordon Brown didn\’t. And unsurprisingly – if i were faced with that kind of \”yes, we\’ll go against the will of the British people, even though they\’re actually quite crazy-fascist in their own right\” – in order to support the stupid, reviled cunt who\’s bought himself into the Presidency – Mr Brown is now less popular than anyone… except for the only other candidates, Tony and John Reid.

What\’s the end point? I don\’t know. Given that David Cameron is the worst scumbag I\’ve ever heard of or encountered, on any level whatsoever, I\’m concerned. Given that Gordon Brown is the best chancellor of the exchequer that we\’ve ever had, I\’m slightly less concerned. But weirdly, daft righty cunts who ought to be grateful are far more annoyed by Mr Brown\’s impending leadership than people who, y\’know, are actually poor and who might welcome some kind of socialist, redistributionist person, which Mr Brown certainly isn\’t.