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Disturbing organisation

I can honestly say I don\’t want to go to any of the International Dutch Oven Society\’s residential events. Perverts.

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This door is alarmed:


India: country of education

Yes, \’pervy search terms\’ posts are boring – but just got a query from India on \”8th standard schoolboys fucking\”. I think that\’s their equivalent of Year 9 in the UK, or Eighth Grade for Americans. And, according to the very limited resources I\’ve read, it\’s based on passing end-of-year exams rather than just ageing.

So I\’m impressed that gay Indian paedos are so interested in the maturity and emotional development of the young men they covet. The gentleman [*] in question could just have searched for 13 or 14-year-old boys, but he didn\’t want to see anyone who hadn\’t reached a certain basic educational standard first. That surely deserves some credit, or at least early parole…?

[*] or lady; apologies to any female paedophiles who feel left out.

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Apologies and congratulations

I\’ve not been posting recently. I\’ve been more hideously fucking depressed than angry (in political terms, don\’t worry/celebrate, no noose-chandelier action just yet). And in non-political terms things have been quite good (well, job shite, but only to the extent it\’s a job. Life jolly).

Anyway. Just heard that 50% of the DNA of the man who came up with the name of this blog (no, not me, keep up) has now been thoroughly reproduced in \’small person\’ format. Congratulations to [redacted] [redacted]; I wish her all the best.

And anyone who says I\”m counting down to July 14 2025 is a filthy liar.

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I\’m going to be as sick as a dog in the morning

Rudely woken from my hammered attempts at sleeping to discover that Sir Wackford Of Jackford was deceased.

Fuck, that reminds me – whilst SWOJ is a Q-ism, and Swells would never have gone anywhere near Q with a ten-foot pole, someone far more relevant, important and brilliant to music also just carked it. If you care more about Jackson, you\’re the kind of useless cunt who cared more about Princess Di than HST.

Whatever. I\’m listening to the Magnetic Fields, cos they\’re actually good, and sick, in both the retro and the modern sense. See, I\’m down with the kids:


You\’ve got a c*** between your legs

Telegraph blogger George Pitcher radically misses the point in his criticism of the Eye\’s current cover:

The new issue of Private Eye has Lord Sugar of Loaf on the cover in his classic finger-pointing \”You\’re fired!\” pose from The Apprentice, under the banner headline \”Brown in Crisis – Sugar Spells It Out\”. Sadly, though, the Eye doesn\’t spell it out and the bubble from Suralan\’s mouth reads \”You\’re F***ed!\”

This is a family blog, so I won\’t spell it out here. But since the Eye\’s joke rather hinges on it being the F-word and, for goodness sake, this is the risk-taking Private Eye we\’re talking about, shouldn\’t it have just dropped the asterisks and made a virtue of the gag? It certainly would have made it funnier, by its very bawdiness. The whole thing would have worked with Sugar\’s solemn face.

Err, George, you\’re a vicar, you must at least have heard of \’ambiguity\’, right…?

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When we have a republic, FlyingRodent will be king

This (as a response to \’ooh, we must understand BNP cuntwits, throwing eggs at them is bad\’, etc) is fucking ace:

I hope it’s not too extreme to point out that our granddads’ response to their generation’s Nazis was to bomb them and strafe them from the air; to shoot them with machine guns and rifles; torch them with flamethrowers, incendiaries and white phosphorus; to crush them with tanks, blow them up with grenades and high explosives and so on, and then march their supporters off to prison. I don’t know how people could’ve missed this, since we have well-publicised memorials at which we salute their courage for kicking Nazi arse so righteously, every single year.

Not that I think this would be a reasonable response to the BNP, of course, but it sure puts all this Oooo, we must understand the motivations of poor, misguided racists who consciously vote for Nazi organisations in perspective.

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Well, fucking duh

Is the BNP racist? Erm, yup.

(read \’n\’ link, for the good of eejits everywhere)

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