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The puritan spin machine in action…

A couple of good \”ooh, isn\’t cannabis awful\” stories around today: apparently EEEEVIL DEEEEEALERS are targeting loonies; while a particular variety of cannabis is now more popular than other varieties, and this is a TERRIBLE THING.

The first story isn\’t news. It is entirely certain that there is a correlation between mental illness and cannabis smoking, with some mental patients smoking cannabis as a form of self-medication (although it has not been demonstrated by anyone ever that there is a causal link betwen cannabis smoking in adults and mental illness – just that it can exacerbate already-present tendencies towards schizophrenia).

But it\’s clearly not an \”evil dealers\” thing. People who smoke cannabis tend to have friends who do the same, and who view smoking it as a harmless-to-good thing. Small-time cannabis selling is a near-zero-profit activity which involves people sorting out their mates. So the first story really says \”stoners like to sort their friends out if their friends are having a shitty time of it, although perhaps their way of doing so isn\’t the wisest\”.

The second story is more clever, and more insidious. It\’s based around the entirely stupid meme that old-style hippy peace-\’n\’-love cannabis like what Jacquie Smith smoked is harmless, whereas this new evil skunk stuff will turn you into a gun-toting Yardie in ten seconds flat.

It\’s clever because it allows prohibitionists to get round the whole Lenny Bruce concept of \”the many law students who now smoke pot will some day become congressmen and legalise it in order to protect themselves\”. The government can now say to all the ex-toker baby boomers \”ah, but your personal experience is worth nothing – you only smoked weed, whereas this stuff kids are smoking now is a serious, proper drug that will totally flip you out, dude.\”

The fact that it\’s complete and utter bollocks is more or less irrelevant. More distressingly, the fact that it\’s transparently and obviously complete and utter bollocks is more or less irrelevant. I know, because I smoke cannabis from time to time and have been doing for the last 15 years or so (without any major impact on my personal or professional lives) that there have been two trends in cannabis availability over that timeframe:

1) good stuff, rather than diesel-flavoured resin that\’s been up a Moroccan trucker\’s arse, is more readily available than it was ten years ago
2) said good stuff is slightly stronger than it was ten years ago, but by a factor of about 50% (it remains about twice as strong as trucker\’s-arse resin, which has also increased slightly)

This is borne out by the actual data, not to be confused with random lies about \”SUPER SKUNK SO POWERFUL ONE PUFF CAN DRIVE YOU MAD\” (fuck knows what the source for the latter is – do the police even believe the stories they\’re peddling?)

The problem is, while it\’s socially acceptable for non-anonymous writers to say \”I smoked cannabis 15 years ago and it was fine\”, it\’s not socially acceptable for non-anonymous writers who don\’t want to be identified as Druggie Writers to say \”I still smoke cannabis now, and this stuff about superskunk is the most ridiculous hoax ever perpetuated on anyone\”. And this includes your (slightly ashamed of his lack of principles) host.

What\’s the solution? I\’m not sure: while beating people to death if they lie that cannabis causes major social problems would be fair enough, it probably wouldn\’t do much to win the public\’s sympathy. And I don\’t think it\’s fair to ask people who harmlessly break the law on a regular basis to publicly out themselves (I\’m certainly not joining the queue). So it\’s a pretty depressing situation, with idiot puritans taking the upper hand because – unfortunately – nobody ever got fired for being an idiot puritan…

Note: I wholeheartedly accept that cannabis use may make your teeth fall out. Until we ban Coca-Cola, this doesn\’t really go beyond the \’mildly interesting but entirely irrelevant to anything\’ notch on the radar.

Mirroring and all that

Alex links to Bartholemew\’s tales of Paul Guido Staines\’s links with various nefarious 1980s groups funded by the apartheid South African regime.

On the wack-a-mole principle, given Mr Staines\’s litigiousness, I\’ve mirrored the Bartholemew piece in the comments…

Everyone involved with the music industry should be crucified

This appears to be the claim they\’re making:

\”We think people are sending pirated CDs through the post – therefore, we want the Post Office to open everyone\’s mail; if the mail in question turns out to be a pirate CD then they should report the person to us and ban them from receiving post in future\”.

Evil, evil bastards [and no, I don\’t give a fuck about the artists either. If they really are artists, then they\’ll make music whether or not coke-addled gentlemen in suits hand them enormous cheques; if they aren\’t artists, then they can fuck off and die.]

Democrats for Romney

Yes, we approve this message too:


…and the loons get loonier

Times hack Sam Coates has a reasonable and moderate piece on his blog, in which he points out that:

If the Electoral Commission\’s actions [regarding Peter Hain] result in a conviction, then [they\’ll] instantly become the heroes of the democratic system. But if the Commission\’s decision turns out to be wrong…

Check out the gibbering mentalists in the comments, who appear to equate the view that if Peter Hain is not guilty then it\’ll be a bit embarassing for the Electoral Commission to have ruined his career with the view \”I love Peter Hain, I\’m a member of the Labour Party and I want to have his babies\”.

[also, is commenter DK, who believes the blog post is puke-making Labour spin, the notorious DK? if so, then what the fuck is he playing at? Update: no, it isn\’t. Good.]

Couldn\’t have happened to a nicer chap

Zimbabwe is corrupt, falling apart and run by a criminal madman. Laws mandating foreign exchange control are an inefficient and ultimately unsuccessful way of covering up an economy\’s general failings. And laws against the possession of pornography are criminally stupid.

Nonetheless, hehe. If you had to pick someone to be condemned to an African jail for trivial non-crimes, I\’m not sure you could beat \”a slum landlord who quite literally got away with murder\”…

Best Irish joke ever

Q: how many potatoes does it take to kill an Irishman?

A: none

An innocent one…

but yes, it\’s stolen from b3ta:

Anyone who says all our content is stolen from B3TA is a liar

For example, we discovered the bestiality-advocating sex therapist all on our own. This, however, is stolen from B3TA:

Q: What\’s the cheapest, most useless crap you\’ve bought?
A: Dvds off a Chinese lady. They were obviously going to be bad quality but i didn’t expect the Chinese man filming it to take the camera with him to the toilet.

This man needs an advice column in a national newspaper

Dr Newman K Lin is an awesome sex therapist. Like all the best advice writers, he avoids casting judgement and merely offers practical guidance. Give him a spot in the dailies…

(disclaimer: as one might deduce from the linked case study, it is possible that Dr Lin may be stark raving mad, an utter charlatan, or both. This in no way alters my opinion of his work.)