Posted in May 2010

I hope Ann Sumner gets murdered next time

We\’ve all been stupidly drunk. If you haven\’t, you\’re a tedious cunt and can fuck right off.

We were all arseholes when we were 20. If you think you weren\’t, that strongly suggests that you\’re still one.

So if a very drunk 20-year-old student passes out in the street to be woken up by an enormous, hideous dyke (judging solely by appearance here, no interest and mild revulsion to think of Sumner\’s sexual proclivities), and she lashes out at the woman in question whilst semi-conscious, then *so fucking what*?

Of course, because of Booze Britain paranoia, some cunt of a magistrate sent the poor girl to jail. Fortunately, a sensible judge suspended the sentence on appeal.

Now, if someone who was basically a good kid but was blind drunk assaulted me, caused no permanent harm, and was sorry, then I\’d make a speech to the court begging them not to jail her. Because I\’m not an *evil, vindictive bastard*, and I understand that that\’s the way it fucking goes.

Instead of which, Ann Sumner – who is 42 years old – says, \”I\’m really disappointed, everyone has been talking to me about the sentence… if anything people have been telling me they think the sentence was too short… As far as I\’m concerned she has admitted the crime now she should be doing the time.”

Fuck her. I hope she dies, preferably in a great deal of pain.