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The importance of punctuation

My Thai bride says I have a big cock.

Sorry, I forgot my punctuation.

My Thai bride says, \”I have a big cock\”.

(shamelessly nicked from the Sickipedia)


Denise Fergus: horrendous beast

Wouldn\’t it be nice if loathsome witch Denise Fergus were to be burned at the state, or cheese-grated to death, or boiled alive (starting from cold, obviously)?

If all of her revolting sympathisers, sycophants and apologists – and indeed, everyone who thinks that torturing children is the most appropriate solution to youth crime – were to meet the same fate, then the world would be a far better place.

However, that would involve adults taking responsibility for their own failings, rather than blaming them on EVIL DEVIL KIDS. For example, if Ms Fergus were able to drop the mediaeval rhetoric on the boys\’ evilness for ten fucking seconds, she might have to reflect on the fact that were she not an appallingly bad mother, her son would still be alive.

On the plus side for the rest of us, given that Ms Fergus encapsulates all the most unedifying traits of the British character (ie she\’s a thick vindictive ugly witch with no sense of personal responsibility or concept of forgiveness. And has a hideous grating voice that\’d make you want to remove your own ears even if she were reciting brilliant poetry), at least her bad parenting contributed to removing her son from the gene pool.

Two final, related points:
1) this blog\’s considered opinion on Maggie Atkinson is that she is Absolutely Fucking Excellent. She\’s the children\’s commissioner, not the \”stupid adults who still whinge on forever about shit that happened 20 years ago\” commissioner.

2) delighted to see that Sara Payne remains gravely ill and close to death. The champers is still on ice for Thatcher, but this one\’s definitely worth a cold beer.

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