A vignette from the life of PDF

PDF, an offensive Twat
X, a former Lover of PDF

[PDF and X are discussing PDF\’s romantic plans]
X: Z is quite pretty and might like you, she does have a boyfriend though.
PDF: That\’s OK, does she love him?
X: No, I don\’t think they\’re going to last long.
PDF: This is fine. I\’ve recently decided that it\’s OK to date girls who have boyfriends, as long as they don\’t love them.
X: I suppose that makes sense.
PDF: …because I\’ve realised that with all my exes, they\’ve had a boyfriend they didn\’t love.
X: [looks sad]
PDF: What? You totally did have one…
X: No, I really loved you.
PDF [simultaneously]: No, I meant at the time I started going out with them, they had another boyfriend they were looking to break up with. Like you did.
Company: [brief slightly embarrassed and yet slightly life-affirming moment]
PDF [ruining it]: C\’mon, you seriously think I\’m Morrissey enough to actually think you didn\’t love me? I\’m aware I\’m an idiot, but that was the least in doubt ever.
X: My friend\’s coming back into the room now, would you like some more wine?

Envy my life.

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One thought on “A vignette from the life of PDF

  1. Alex says:

    Good use of Morrissey as an adjective. He’s got a subtle nuance to him that’s lacking in the word ’emo’.

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