Would that it were

So I was doing a bit of drunken-Twitter-trolling:

Even if Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi was guilty, 180 of the people he topped were American and hence don\’t count #anywayhewasnt

Of the remainder, 79 were non-Yanks who chose to fly on a Yank airline, and hence clearly of unsound mind #anywayhewasnt

On the other hand, killing 11 innocent Scots is still quite a bad thing to do #anywayhewasnt

At this point, Hungbunny won all of the internets and more, and almost drove me to give up trying to be funny about politics forever, with:

Unless it\’s the national football team

3 thoughts on “Would that it were

  1. Gridlock says:

    A real shame (for various governments) that the altitude-based detonator went off over land instead of over the North Atlantic as expected. It would have been much tidier if they never knew..

    The CIA must have pissed themselves.

    This case runs the gamut of shadow-world activity, from CIA drug smuggling to state-sponsored terrorists to false flag operations to ‘justice’ for the perpetators.

    Yet another example of us mooks being used and abused (and shredded into mincemeat) for the aims of various ruling elites…

  2. Napoleon says:

    Is it the lizard people that lunatic ex-goalkeeper keeps banging on about? Did they do the Lockerbie? If they did, shame on you, the Lizard People. You let Abdu Bassets-Alsorts Ali-Binbag Abdabs Banana languish in a Scotch jail for a crime he didn’t commit, you lizard bastards.

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