Apologies and congratulations

I\’ve not been posting recently. I\’ve been more hideously fucking depressed than angry (in political terms, don\’t worry/celebrate, no noose-chandelier action just yet). And in non-political terms things have been quite good (well, job shite, but only to the extent it\’s a job. Life jolly).

Anyway. Just heard that 50% of the DNA of the man who came up with the name of this blog (no, not me, keep up) has now been thoroughly reproduced in \’small person\’ format. Congratulations to [redacted] [redacted]; I wish her all the best.

And anyone who says I\”m counting down to July 14 2025 is a filthy liar.

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One thought on “Apologies and congratulations

  1. Falco says:

    “And anyone who says I”m counting down to July 14 2025 is a filthy liar.”

    As if you’d wait that long. Congrats to the redeacted.

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