Problems solved before they even arise

So, the extremely tedious debate about Are The BNP Right Wing (yes) Or Left Wing (no) rears its ugly head again.

Luckily, I solved this problem over a year ago:

For the avoidance of doubt, “right-wing” used in the context of this blog means “a cunt who believes stupid shit”. Tedious wankery about whether the Nazis were socialists, etc etc, is therefore irrelevant.

Done, dusted, dealt.

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2 thoughts on “Problems solved before they even arise

  1. Larry Teabag says:

    There is one compelling reason to consider the BNP Left (though all of the libertarian ranters have missed it): it really, really pisses them off.

  2. Edward Palmer says:

    The BNP, quite cleverly and regardless of whether it’s a correct assessment of their actual “policy” stance, pretend to be left wing to attract those previously supporting NuLiebore – that’s where their votes come from. Have you never met racist labour supporters? They’re bloody everywhere: one minute ranting about immigrants this ‘n’ that, the next about capitalists oppressing them.
    But, yes, the “piss them off” factor alone makes the tag worthwhile!

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